One Year Anniversary? 11 Things To Know About Each Other By Now | POPxo
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One Year Anniversary? 11 Things To Know About Each Other By Now

One Year Anniversary? 11 Things To Know About Each Other By Now

Hitting the one year mark with the love of your life is something everyone looks forward to. It’s a reason to celebrate, to share joy and to fall in love all over again. But before you complete the first year together, these are a few things that you should definitely know about your partner.

1. What they are passionate about

Every person has a passionate soul. We are creatures of nature, and passion runs deep inside of us. Go to the root of what it is that makes them feel a certain way about something. Learn why they love what they love. If in a year of being together you do not know this, then perhaps you should really start understanding what you have been missing out on.
things you should know about your partner

2. Their future plans

Does your partner’s future hold scope for further studies? Where do they see their career going? Is marriage on the cards? Do they want children? Do you feature in their grander plans about life at all? All of these questions and more should be things you should be aware about. Also read: 7 Signs Your Relationship Does Have A Future – So Chill!

3. Their political stance

Life is very political, no matter how much we try to distance ourselves from it. Your views and ideologies about life and politics might be poles apart. You don’t have to take the same stance as they do but ask yourself if someone who has a completely different thought process than you is ideally who you want to spend the rest of your life with. The same is the case with religion and your respective views about it. things you should know about your partner

4. Their family

A person is determined a lot by his family history and background, and not just on the economic front. Much of their upbringing shows up in one form or the other in the things that they do, things that they like, things that they dislike. It is important to know their families because their family is their most important support system.

5. Their views on the relationship itself

In all relationships there is love and happiness and most of it comes when a person commits to you. You need to understand and know just how committed your partner is to you. These are issues that have to be dealt with head on to avoid future complications which may suddenly arise. things you should know about your partner

6. Their food habits

Coffee or tea? Rice or chapathi? Sweet or sour? Junk food or a healthy salad? You should know all of these things because if they are ever having a bad day, you will know how to cheer them up! Also read: 8 Signs Your “Honeymoon Phase” Will Last Forever!

7. Their fears and insecurities

In a relationship, the only way to grow is to be open to each other. Open about your secrets, fears, hopes and insecurities. Talking about what bothers you most helps in blossoming your relationship into something beautiful. things you should know about your partner

8. Their absolute favourites

Their favourite song, colour, book, person, place, memory. These little things are the things that matter the most. So listen when they are speaking, really listen.
Also read: 8 Things To Always Talk About For A Strong, Steady Relationship!

9. What turns them off

What can your partner put up with? Are they the patient kind? Can they take injustice? Where do they draw the line? Find out what turns them off and why. Reason with them if you don’t agree to them. things you should know about your partner

10. Their virtues and vices

What makes them a good human being and what is the one thing that you totally dislike about them? Do they have qualities that you want to genuinely adopt for yourself and is there something that you wish they would really change their views about? Find out if there is room for improvement in your relationship. Also read: 10 Promises Every Girl Should Be Able To Make To Her Guy!

11. Their story

This is the most important thing that you should know about your partner. Where do they come from? Where do they see life going? What makes them who they are? These fundamentals are very important to know.
GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on May 12, 2016
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