7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before He Went Down On Me!

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before He Went Down On Me!
Like many things in life, there will also be the first time someone goes down on you. Is it a nice experience? It’s an experience for sure, but whether or not it’s going to be nice - well that’s for you to decide. Here are 7 things I wish I knew before a guy went down on me. 

1. You will get super conscious

The first time a man went down on me I did not know what to expect. Was it nice? Dicey question. I was so concerned about his mouth being in my most private lady-part that I really couldn’t enjoy it. Many thoughts were rushing through my head - was there too much hair? Did I smell bad down there, what if I taste all weird - these questions really didn’t escape my mind!

2. How long is this supposed to last?

Are you supposed to let him carry on till he wants to or do you make him stop even if he wants to continue? Was I supposed to feel comfortable with this? Is this like the highest, most sensual form of foreplay? When is a good time to stop? I wish I had answers to these questions.

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3. Am I supposed to make eye contact?

Studies have shown that most men like looking into our eyes to see if we are enjoying it. If your emotions are real, it further validates his purpose of going down on you. However, it is purely your choice, if you are uncomfortable looking at him then you don’t have to.


4. It’s not a two-way street

I had no idea if I had to return the favour. He was expecting it, right? Of course he was. When I didn’t return the favour, I felt a little bad about it. I wish I knew this then like I know now; You don’t have to return the favour - that’s it, you don’t have to find reasons to not. You not wanting to is reason enough, and no one should make you feel otherwise.

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5. I can moan as much as I want to!

Yes, it can get as hot and as heavy as actual sex and the moans shouldn’t just be reserved for sex. It’s okay to show your guy just how much you’re enjoying it.

6. Too much soap could actually make your lady-part dry...

Vaginas are self-cleaning and the most recommended cleaning agent is just plain, lukewarm water. If you must use soap, use a mild one. This, I did not know then, like I do know. Thoroughly cleaning with soap did get it really clean but also left it dry.

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7. Queefs are real!

Also known as a vaginal fart, a queef is when air stuck inside releases itself from the vulva. And it can very well happen just when he’s going down on you - and it happens suddenly, without notice!

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