19 Tiny Things To Do For A Happy Relationship Always!

19 Tiny Things To Do For A Happy Relationship Always!
The best relationships are ones in which both partners feel like the luckiest people in the world. Find ways to communicate this feeling in the smallest but coolest ways possible...

1. Listen

Lend your ear to his every word and thought - it is the best gift you can give him.

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2. Put away your phones

In fact, build a gadget-free zone around your partner at certain times of the day (and night).

3. Stop nagging

Just don't. Think of how it is such a stupid thing to do. Imagine if someone did it to you.

4. Pitch in

Help each other with chores and activities - ironing his shirt while he’s getting ready or re-organizing his shelf. Anything that makes him feel loved. And he should do the same for you.

5. Compliment often

The genuine stuff. Let it flow freely.

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6. Give small gifts...

They go a long way. Bring home their favorite book or magazine or chocolates.

7. Go on a walk

To a nice park, or somewhere beautiful. Keep your cellphone on silent mode.

8. Say thank you

Let him know that you appreciate the little things he does - and never take them for granted.

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9. Cook a meal together

Come up with a menu. Go out and shop, then come and prepare the food together and set a nice table with your best plates and cutlery. It is oh-so-romantic!

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10. Keep a couple’s journal.

Write down the thing you love the most about each other or even your desires and fantasies. Let your partner read it and add his own as well.

11. Cuddle often!

Make this a priority. It's simply therapeutic.

12. Make impromptu plans

Go out with him on a lunch date or visit his old aunt with him on a Sunday afternoon. Let him know you care.

13. Travel together

Plan small outings together… Even if they are just weekend getaways. Go create great memories!

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14. Play boardgames

Relive your childhood as you play some fun games like Monopoly, UNO or Jenga. A welcome break from the wired world.

15. Learn

Let your partner teach you something they’re good at, and you can do the same. It's fun.

16. In your PJs...

Give yourselves a whole day where you just lie around and do nothing. Watch TV, order food from a place you love, make out...just enjoy each other’s company.

17. Watch a play together

Skip commercial cinema and go watch an art house flick or a play or an art exhibition together - and then discuss it over coffee. You may be pleasantly surprised by how you each viewed things.

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18. Go on a long bike ride

It's a deeply liberating experience to ride a bike with the wind in your face. And with the love of your life - the feeling gets elevated!

19. Make a playlist...

… Of all his favourite numbers! Then put them on a USB for him to play in the car or on his phone or iPod. You'll be on his mind when it plays. :)

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