7 Things EVERY Girl Should Do Before Saying Goodbye To College!

7 Things EVERY Girl Should Do Before Saying Goodbye To College!
Goodbyes are never easy and leaving college has a bittersweet feeling. Do you remember how you were so lost and scared on the first day of college because you didn’t know the place and who to approach for help - but today it’s like you’ve known this place forever and your juniors look up to you for help. You made a lifetime of memories here - be it classes, exams, bunking lectures, college fests - you did it all! But now it has come to an end! It’s the end of an ERA!

Don’t forget to try these things before you say goodbye to college forever, though...

1. Click as many pictures and selfies (which you are already a pro at) as you can with your friends and teachers!

1 goodbye to your college

2. Visit the places in college where you’ve never been before and always only wondered what happened there.

3. Revisit your ‘addas’, go back down memory lane and revisit the bygone college years in your head. Think of how you have changed over the years….

3 goodbye to your college

4. Your college friends were part of your many firsts! Do them again. Be it a prank or the last meal. #OneLastTime

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5. It’s farewell time so party like crazy with your gang.

5 goodbye to your college

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6. Have a heart to heart with your friends; make amends with those you weren’t particularly fond of and let go of things.

7. You know you will miss all of this a lot. You actually miss it already. So take one last long look at the place that unknowingly started to feel like home over the years!

7 goodbye to your college

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