10 Things Every Girl Should Know About A Guy’s Body!

10 Things Every Girl Should Know About A Guy’s Body!
Let’s just agree to disagree that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There is so much about men that we don’t understand - but this list could help you understand a little more about the male body!

1. Really, that’s it?

An average man’s orgasm lasts for up to seven seconds. While on the other hand, an average woman’s orgasm lasts for about 26 seconds.

2. Brains wars

The brain of a full-grown adult man is 10% bigger in size than a woman’s. Kind of hard to believe right? Blame nature!

body of a man

3. My body, my rules

The average male adult is blessed with 50% more muscle mass than an average female. The worst part? Men are also blessed with 50% lesser body fat in comparison to women!

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4. It is shrinkable!

Yes, when exposed to harsh, cold conditions or when it comes into contact with water, a man’s penis shrivels up!

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5. Morning wood

This is a very common phenomenon and happens to almost every guy, every morning. A man somehow wakes up with a raging boner.

6. His G-spot?

Yes, it exists and isn’t as elusive as a woman’s G-spot is. Infact, a man’s G-spot is also known as his prostate gland.

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7. Smelly, smelly!

The reason most men seem to have a much stronger smell than women do is because guys have more of this hormone called androstenone in their sweat and urine.

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8. Men too have sensitive nipples

It is true that the existence of a male-nipple is basically only for decorative purposes! But, they can be extremely sensitive as well. Under some conditions, it has been found that male nipples can lactate too. (Seriously, look it up!)

body of a man 8

9. He was once a she!

Okay, calm down! Before you jump to any conclusions, know this - all human embryos develop as a female child for the first six weeks. So, there you have it!

10. The mysterious boner!

A man can have a boner at odd times without any provocation at all. Most times, it comes as a surprise, even to him!

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