7 Things You DON’T Have To “Accomplish” By 21 - Just Breathe!

7 Things You DON’T Have To “Accomplish” By 21 - Just Breathe!
With technology taking over and the world having a million expectations of you, you must wear out easily - we all do. But here’s the thing, don’t underestimate yourself and don’t go around trying to please everybody. Live your life for yourself and the rest will fall into place. And just a gentle reminder, 21 is a very tender age, don’t sweat it if you feel like you haven’t achieved much. This is a list of things you don’t necessarily need to accomplish by the time you turn 21.

1. Sex

The world is progressing so fast and along with it, the mindsets of the young, thriving population. Sex is no longer a big deal and neither is losing one’s virginity. Peer pressure is so real, so tangible and it’s easy to get lost in its web. But be careful, just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to as well. Take all the time you need. Do it only if you feel like you are ready. Remember, 21 is still extremely young.

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2. College

Yes, education is important, don’t you dare forget that. But sometimes it takes a person a lot of time and clarity to realise what they want to study. It’s easy to blindly follow what your folks think is right for you, but ask yourself the deeper question - “what is it that I want to study?”. Society tries to impose the golden rule over all of us - college, job, shaadi - all before you turn 25 - but everyone knows that in this way you just end up putting restrictions on life itself. Take your time with college. If you screw up, try again, don’t rush it. Great things take time.

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3. That killer job

Let’s put it this way - only a handful of people in the world absolutely love their jobs, the rest of us - we get used to what has been offered to us. So we slog, a few of us cruise, but again, only a negligible population of the world truly love what they do. So, don’t fret if you don’t land a decent gig by the time you are 21. Once you turn 25, you will realise that finding work becomes a dead-serious ordeal. You aren’t even 21, you beautiful soul. Go be a kid while you can.

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4. That dream vacation

Yes, with age you realise that travelling takes a lot of time and most importantly it takes a lot of money. Movies have time and again tried to prove that you can just stuff some t-shirts into your rucksack, throw it over a truck and hitchhike through time and space. Not everyone has the guts to be an adventurer and that’s completely fine too. Take it slow - travelling with your hard earned money makes the trip completely worth it.

5. That expensive gadget that all your peers have

So your friends have rich folks or a sister abroad who loves showering them with the latest gadgets. Just keep this in mind, whatever expensive gadget you want right now is going to be old and outdated in a few years’ (if not months) time. We live in a materialistic world and to say that things aren’t about status quos would be lying. But, you’re smart enough to decide for yourself, right?

Do not need to accomplish 5

6. Popularity

Growing up is a trap - whoever said this is one true genius. People will pretend to be your friend, people will hurt you and feel no shame or regret it later. Remember that just because you are popular doesn’t mean that everyone will have your back. Be very careful. You can stay low key and still live an amazing life.

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7. Lady-ness

As a growing woman, people have expectations of you - people will calculate every move you make. You are to act a certain way, to dress a certain way, to behave lady-like, to not sit with your legs spread apart, to know how to make a decent meal. Who made these rules anyway? Do what you gotta do, be who you gotta be. Make the world your turf.

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