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#HeSays: 7 Things Girls Say In Bed That Are Just. So. HOT!!

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Being with a woman that we’re interested in - or like or love - in bed is obviously a huge turn-on in itself. But honestly, there are some things that women say, perhaps unknowingly, when we’re in bed together, that just send our hearts racing even faster. Here are 7 things women say in bed that are just really hot!

1. “I love it when you’re all hot and sweaty like this!”

Well, we’re glad - because we are going to sweat when we’re working hard to please you!

2. “I think you’re really going to like what I’m wearing underneath these clothes…”

Or not wearing… ;-)

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3. “Why don’t you leave all the lights turned on? I want you to be able to see me…”

Oh, and trust us, there is nothing better than being able to see you properly and completely while we’re at it! We’re visual creatures, you see.

4. “If we didn’t have to leave right now, I would totally go again!”

And this makes us want to jump right back in bed with you… Even if we have no time!

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5. “OMG this feels so good!!!”

This lets us know that we’re doing something right. And who doesn’t love some validation every now and then, right?!

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6. “Just being this close to you turns me on.”

There, now you’ve done it. You’ve made us feel irresistible - and that makes you pretty damn irresistible yourself!

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7. “Want me to turn around?”

Say no more, babe!

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Published on May 23, 2016
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