12 Reasons To Look Forward To Growing Old With Him!

12 Reasons To Look Forward To Growing Old With Him!
Somewhere on the internet (or a message forward) there was a quote - ‘It’s good to be his first love, but it’s perfect to be his last’. Guess what, it can’t be truer. What’s the point in being someone’s memory when you can both create fabulous, awesome memories together? There are too many perks of growing old together, these are just a few…

1. Watching nature unfold

From the hot tempered and young to the wise and old, it’s a noble feeling to watch those wrinkles and lines form close at hand. A testimony to the fact that your love was indeed not about the looks.

2. Being a grandparent

Having kids is good, but grandkids – that’s totally something else. It’s like reliving parenthood but even cooler.

grow old together

3. Nothing matters

All your life, you were bothered by people and their talks. Now, it just doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want.

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4. Travel together

That bucket list with places you couldn’t go to because your kids had school or your boss didn’t give you leave – heck with that – go see the world, together.

grow old together

5. You know it all

Skeletons in the closet apart, by then, you know all that is to know about your partner. No surprises. And that’s a goooooood thing.

6. Socialising is an option

You won’t have to be courteous and go for weddings and parties that you don’t want to. You’ve got each other’s back.

grow old together

7. Fulfilling your dreams

You are both vocal about your wants and needs and know there won’t be a next time - and so you’d have each other’s support to accomplish what you couldn’t in your youth.

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8. Comfort zones

You’d have crossed all levels of comfort zone by then and that is actually, so deeply comforting, right?

grow old together

9. Giving relationship gyan to youngsters

Because you both have survived through thick and thin, you are the ones people turn to for relationship advice. The gurus of togetherness – that’s such a proud feeling.

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10. Sitting together and watching a movie marathon…

Just like the old times, when there was less or no responsibilities.

grow old together

11. You know you made the right choice

Smiling at the thought that you’ve got the best guy and that you’ve emerged triumphant from thick and thin is the best feeling E.V.E.R.

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12. You fight less

Since you’ve done all kinds of fights already, there is no novelty in combating the smaller stuff. Ah- been there, done that…why bother now? 

grow old together

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