Bikini Wax Virgin? 8 Things To Know Before Your First One!

Bikini Wax Virgin? 8 Things To Know Before Your First One!
We’ll be honest with you: getting a bikini/ Brazilian wax is not a fun experience. But it really is the best way to get rid of pubic hair and be smooth down there for much longer than with shaving - an without having to worry about prickly stubble. If you’ve been super curious about it and have been considering getting one, you totally should read this. Here are some important things you should know before your first bikini wax to help you prepare yourself by knowing what you’re getting into.

1. You Need To Consider That Time Of The Month

Well, it’s pretty obvious not to schedule a wax when you’re on your period, but don’t do it a few days before you get it as well. Your skin is at its most sensitive about 3 days before your period, which will only intensify the ouch factor.

2. Your Lower Half Will Be Fully Exposed

Yes, you will have to be naked from the waist down. Your waxer will be looking at you and touching you, but remember that’s her job. She does this with loads of women every day and will be strictly professional about it, just like a gynaecologist. You’ll get over the shyness after your first couple of waxes.

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3. Clean Yourself Beforehand

Take a shower or at least wash yourself down there before your appointment. It’s not only polite, but it will help you feel less self-conscious too.

4. It Really Is Painful

No matter what you read or hear from people, it is going to hurt! Especially your first time. But what they say about the pain getting better the more you wax is true. So know that it won’t be as bad forever. Try and relax and concentrate on your breathing. Chatting with your waxer can also help you concentrate on something other than the pain.

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5. Know The Difference Between A Bikini And A Brazilian

Typically, a bikini wax is taking off the hair on your bikini line. It’s a tidying up of hair that extends outside of your panties or a bikini (you don’t need to take off your underpants for this). A Brazilian wax involves getting naked and taking off all of your pubic hair - you can leave a landing strip behind if you like. However, in India, if you say a bikini wax it generally refers to waxing off all of your pubic hair, so make sure you and the aesthetician are on the same page.

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6. She Will Be Touching Your Lady Parts

No, your boyfriend/ husband isn’t the only one who gets up close and personal with your hoo-ha. Your waxer may have to touch your labia and hold your skin taut as she waxes. It is a bit awkward, but it’s necessary. Again, you’ll get used to it, don’t worry.

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7.  She’ll Check Her Handiwork Afterwards

Once she’s done, she’ll do a once-over to see if there’s any hair left behind. She may tweeze/ thread away any tiny hairs so don’t be surprised. Then, she’ll clean you up and leave you alone to get dressed.

8. You Will Be Red After

Don’t expect to feel smooth and fabulous immediately after. A bit of redness and soreness is normal, you’ve just had your hair yanked out from the roots, after all. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow your skin to breathe. You’re definitely going to feel relieved and super proud of your new, hair-free bikini area for the next few weeks. It really is an awesome feeling and makes all that pain and awkwardness so worth it!

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