#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Like In Bed… OTHER Than Sex!

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Like In Bed… OTHER Than Sex!
So, ladies, we hear that women often think that getting into bed with a man simply means having sex with him. Well, that just isn’t true. Fine, we will admit that that is largely on our minds when we’re in bed with you (can you really blame us?!) - but there is stuff other than sex that we would love to do when we’re in bed with you! Here are just a few of them...

1. Cuddle with you and watch a movie!

Yes, ladies, you’re not the only ones who like to cuddle and watch nice movies with your partners. Even we like to just lay there and watch something awesome with you!

2. Eat!

Bed, food, and you. What’s not to love? Especially if you hand over the remote to us. :P

things to do in bed with a guy

3. Play a little game…

It doesn’t even have to be a dirty one (although that would be great!) - but we’re down for something even as simple as monopoly or a card game.

4. Have a real conversation

Sometimes, it feels kind of nice even to be able to just open up completely to someone we love and care about. And lying down with you in bed just seems like the perfect time to do so.

things to do in bed with a guy

5. Exchange massages!

Who can ever say no to a good massage? Seriously! If you’re looking for other stuff to do with us in bed, this is definitely a great option!

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6. Just gossip with you about stuff on social media!

Just chill with us and tell us interesting stuff about the people you know...or even Bollywood, for all we care. We kind of secretly love to hear all the gossip too! :P

things to do in bed with a guy

7. Touch you a little

Maybe sex is not on the cards, but a little naughty touching is never a bad thing, right? Oh, and also, feel free to reciprocate!

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