8 Things That WILL Go Wrong At The Wedding (So Just Chill!)

8 Things That WILL Go Wrong At The Wedding (So Just Chill!)
We want your big day to be magical and perfect just as much as you do, but unfortunately we also know the workings of Murphy’s Law. Just know that everything won’t necessarily go as planned. So bear that in mind, and proceed to have the most fun time at your own shaadi anyway!

1. The Time Factor

As much as you want to be punctual or you want a certain function at a certain time, that’s just not how Indians operate. So be okay with delays because they are a part and parcel of every Indian wedding.

Things that will go wrong at your wedding

2. Co-ordination Glitches

Yes, we know you want to enter the venue on Din Shagna Da but someone has to first locate the DJ and tell him in time. That perfectly-timed musical entry may not happen but since you’re the bride your entry will be awesome and magical anyway!

3. No Flower Power

On D-Day, the decorator could go with different flowers, or lesser flowers. You can’t possibly sit and oversee tiny details such as these.

Things that will go wrong at your wedding

4. Keeping Mum

Yes, one would think that their mother and sister won’t leave their side on D-Day, but sadly they are being pulled and pushed in many different directions. Besides, they have so many guests to attend to. This may be a cause for concern but appoint your best friend as a stand-in and have her by your side all the time!


5. Sangeet Glitches

In all the madness and alcohol-induced euphoria, your friends may mess up that much practiced sangeet dance. It’s going to happen and it’s okay! Just know that you’re going to laugh at it in your wedding video for years and years to come.

Things that will go wrong at your wedding

6. Group Pictures

Yes, we know and understand how important it is to get the perfect pictures with the perfect people at the perfect time. But someone or the other is always going to be at the bar, or in the washroom, or outside the hall and miss an important group shot. Pretty much nothing you can control here.

7. Weird Comments

Unfortunately, Indian aunties think it’s totally okay to voice their opinions out loud at special occasions like weddings. Somebody random might say something weird and we sincerely suggest you lather your thick skin on real good on the big day and ignore them completely.

Things that will go wrong at your wedding

8. Where’s the groom?!

This is such a bizarre problem but it’s all too common. The bride and the groom are always being pulled in different directions at the functions. Even if they are side by side, someone is always talking to them. Lot of brides end up feeling like they barely got any time with their grooms at their own wedding functions. If that’s the case, just remember...this is only the beginning!

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