7 Things That Should NEVER Get Close To Your Vagina!

7 Things That Should NEVER Get Close To Your Vagina!
Your vagina is amazing, we’ve already told you some awesome things about it...but you need to be careful about what you put near it. Read on to know what’s on your vajayjay’s sworn enemy list. Keep these things far away!

1. Whipped Cream/ Chocolate Sauce

Turning your hoo-ha into a yummy dessert may sound like a sexy suggestion from your man, but don’t do it. Just don’t. These are loaded with sugar, and sugar can mess up the pH balance of your vag, leading to yeast infections.  

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2. Hair Removal Cream

We get how this can be tempting, it’s easier than shaving and you don’t have to worry about dying from the pain of waxing. But the chemicals in these creams and depilatories are too harsh for your sensitive lady parts and you risk getting an infection or even an allergic reaction in the form of severe itching or rashes. Ouch!

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Bananas, cucumbers – whatever may seem like a good idea to get you off. Even if you wash them, they can still be carriers of dirt and bacteria, so keep them strictly above the belt, even if they are penis-shaped! :P

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4. Douching

These are rinses invented by man that claim to “freshen” you up down there, but are actually something to stay far away from. We’ve already told you that your vagina is self-cleaning, douching will only disturb the alkaline levels and lead to major irritation. If you do want a vaginal cleanser (which can be useful if you’re someone who’s prone to UTIs, etc.), it’s best to go see your gynae and get a medicated one prescribed.


5. Soap

Again, you want to be clean, but your hoo-ha can take care of itself. Soap is very drying, so definitely don’t let it get inside. Cleaning with soap externally only is okay, just make sure it’s a mild, france-free soap and not your fave strawberry body wash.

things that should never go close to your vagina 5

6. Below-The-Belt Body Art

A private tattoo down there may sound sexy to you, but tattoos cause redness, inflammation and irritation - combine that with the sensitivity of your bikini area, and it could end in disaster. The same goes for the dye in a temporary tattoo. As for piercings down there – don’t. No vajazzling, please!

7. Any Unsanitized Things

You’re masturbating and are in the heat of the moment, it may seem like a good idea at the time...but definitely do not stick any non-sanitized thing up there. It’s the quickest way to get an infection or even do some damage. Other than your (washed) finger or a clean sex toy, you shouldn’t be masturbating with anything else!

things that should never go close to your vagina 7

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