7 Surprising Things That Determine *When* A Girl First Has Sex!

7 Surprising Things That Determine *When* A Girl First Has Sex!
If you thought you had sex for the the first time in your life, when you wanted to - you’re not entirely right. I am not saying it, science is! Yes, according to a research, there are many things that influence when you have sex for the first time, apart from your own will and want, of course! Go ahead and give it a read to find out exactly what prompted you to well, go all the way, one fine day...

1. How early or late in life you start masturbating affects when you have sex

And it makes complete sense. You get curious about the many changes happening in your body first, and only then do you start noticing it in the opposite sex too. Similarly, until you learn how to um, help yourself, chances are you wouldn’t be too keen on taking other people’s help!

2. Also, the kind of movies and books you grow up reading…

Say you survived on rom-coms as a young adult, and sighed at all love scenes and got all dreamy when the couple had sex for the first time. You would then want to live these romances for yourself and be much more willing to experience them. On the other hand, if you grew up watching sci-fi and thriller, you wouldn’t be as curious about experiencing love/lust, as you would be about solving say, local crime!

things that influence when you have sex

3. The kind of company you keep always influences your choices too…

If your friends have experienced the thrills behind closed doors, they won’t keep themselves from talking about it in front of you. They might even encourage you to try it for yourself. In any case, your friends would probably be your first source of info on sex, and hearing it from them first will make it feel like less of an alien concept.

4. Your own personality as an individual, of course…

So research says that if you’re the kind of person who’s always been sort of a risk-taker and adventure seeker - chances are you’d also be willing to experiment with sex earlier than your peers.

things that influence when you have sex

5. Your DNA plays a big role…

Yes, from the way you look, to the kind of genes that have been passed on to you over generations - all of it impacts the age at which you have sex for the first time. Since genes are also known to affect when you hit puberty, they play a key role in when you have sex for the first time too.

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6. Your partner exercises quite a lot of influence on you too!

And that’s just obvious. Most of us are often convinced into having sex for the first time by our partners. So, if your partner is more experienced at it or has had sex before, chances of you having sex are higher than if you were with someone less experienced.

things that influence when you have sex

7. The kind of environment you grow up in - from your family to your society to even the religious and political views you hold!

Yes, all that affects when you have sex for the first time in your life. If your religion celebrates chastity before marriage, then you might get influenced into having sex a bit later in life. Similarly if the society you are a part of shunts sexual relations before marriage, you might be a bit circumspect about it too. And then of course, the beliefs that your parents hold about sex can influence your decision to have sex too.

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