10 Things That ALWAYS Happen If You Go Shopping With Your Guy!

10 Things That ALWAYS Happen If You Go Shopping With Your Guy!
Ever gone shopping with your boyfriend? If yes, you can definitely relate to all of these! And if not, then girl you’ll be in for a roller coaster ride once you go! Read on to find out more and have a good “been there, done that” giggle...

1. All that muscle power put to use…

No points for guessing the biggest perk of shopping with your boyfriend. You do all the shopping and he does all the carrying! It’s one of the best uses of the muscles he’s built after hours in the gym! :P

1 shopping with him

2. Race to the trial room!

Some lucky girls have smartly landed themselves with patient guys. Trust me, a boyfriend willing to run back and forth from trial rooms, bringing you different clothes and sizes - is definitely a keeper!

3. A more patient man or the doorman?!

Hours of shopping with you either makes your man more patient, or well he might refuse to enter the store and wait outside with the doorman next time - hoping that you speed things up!

3 shopping with him

4. You’re on a Stop Watch

You get dragged out of the store if you spend more than 15 minutes there! But you just find another one to rush into and all the racing from one store to another does not go down well with your guy.

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5.  Everything is “NICE”

Want an opinion? Too bad - you won't be getting an actual one. No matter what you try on, everything is “nice” according to him!

5 Shopping With him

6. Less shopping, more hogging

A typical shopping trip with your guy ends up with you shopping less and eating more. Just to give him an incentive to accompany you, you end up consuming more calories.

7. Barter system is back folks!

Girls, welcome to 10,000 B.C. Like everything in life, shopping with your boyfriend comes at a price! A superhero movie, allowing him a boys night or payment in “kind”. :P

7 Shopping With him

8. Babysitter Alert!

All this while you thought you were with a mature, patient and sorted man. Truth be told, every guy becomes an irritable, impatient crybaby when it comes to shopping. Like a vampire forced to face daylight, he’ll make a sullen, tortured face and irritably demand for food and rest, every now and then!

9. Plot Twist: You end up shopping for him instead

Yes, this is a very real thing! Most likely by the end of it, your boyfriend will get tempted enough to start shopping himself. And then, that’s where your wait starts!

9 Shopping With him

10. Finding a bench or couch at a store is your star moment!

Every girl heaves a sigh of relief when her eye catches a couch or a bench at a store, where her dear boyfriend can rest with the shopping bags - while she happily glances around!

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