7 Cute Things That Happen When You’re Seeing Someone In College | POPxo
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7 Cute Things That Happen When You’re Seeing Someone In College

7 Cute Things That Happen When You’re Seeing Someone In College

Who isn't head over heels in love with those college romances shown in the MTV or Channel V teen drama shows? Sneaking inside hostels to meet bae and sharing the same cold coffee while getting lost into each other's' eyes in the college canteen. Some lovey-dovey moments are meant to happen during those college years only!

1. "Mom, I'm going to college…” Or should we say on a date? Same thing!

Because honestly, whether you’re heading to college or you’re heading for a date - it’s almost the same thing! You’re still going to college, except you might spend more time in the canteen and other places with your boy! So it’s technically not a lie.
1 When you date in college

2. "Ohhh...no!! That's our English teacher, Mr. Sinha...run!"

It was only during school time when the teachers would get you court-martialed if they caught you red-handed indulging in some 'hanky-panky' with your cute classmate. In college, the professors are so not interested in who's dating who. So no playing 'Hide & Seek' games with them!

3. "Hey, wake up... It's 9:00 AM already. Time for class!"

Waking each other up before the exams to study and threatening calls every morning to avoid bunking... These things are the ultimate relationship goals for all college love birds! When you date in college 3

4. "You make me feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream!!"

Road trips and clubbing were just fantasy before, but once you're a grown-up college girl, be ready to make all those wild imaginations come true! BannerPink 500px

5. "Meet me... Let's, umm, study!"

Combined studies mean a lot of more than just studying together! When you're with your guy, who on earth wants to know what Newton has to say!
When you date in college 5

6. You look for secret corners at home to hide those V-day gifts!

Love is in the air, and well, you’re in college! Valentine’s day is bound to bring out a little bit of your mushy side and make you both want to give each other things!

7. You grow up together!

Nothing can be more beautiful than feeling your love blossom a little more, everyday. Growing up together from 'freshers' to 'farewell' tells you everything that you must know about your significant other for a ‘happily ever after' life ahead. When you date in college 7 GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Crazy Thoughts We’ve All Had When We’ve Bunked College! MUST-READ: College Love Feels Like The BEST Kind Of Love!
Published on May 15, 2016
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