Catholic Girls Get Ready For The Wedding In This Adorable Way!

Catholic Girls Get Ready For The Wedding In This Adorable Way!
Every Catholic family has a roce ceremony a day before the wedding. It’s a tradition they’ve been practising for generations now! It basically signifies the last bath the bride or groom take in their bachelor/spinsterhood. If you’re attending a roce or being a part of one, you’re going to be in for a surprise! The experience is fun and one of a kind. Here are 7 things that happen during a roce.

1. Before the commencement of the roce, the father of the bride/groom will say a short prayer and a couple of kind words about them.

Or it also could be said and done by a close elderly member of the family.

Things that happen during a roce

2. The roce usually happens on the terrace, building compound area or backyard.

In some cases for the bride, it happens in the house too.

3. The bride and her bridesmaids will take their seats on the benches and chairs.

It’s the same story with the groom, the best man and his groomsmen.


4. The relatives then come forth and generously smear coconut juice, oil or egg yolk all over the bride and her bridesmaids.

This is then followed with money being distributed, singing and loud music blasting in the background. Watch this video now!


5. After the roce is done, the bride/groom is then guided to the bathing area.

Till they come out squeaky clean!

roce 5

6. While the bride/groom is still bathing in hot water, the roce dinner is prepared and drinks are served in the mean time.

Dishes like pulao, biryani, sweets, chicken, mutton curry and a variety of fresh vegetables are placed on the dinner table.

7. The celebration comes to halt when everyone’s bellies are full and the couple receives final blessings from their guests.

The next time they’ll all meet again is on the day of the couple’s wedding. (Which is the next day!)

Things that happen during a roce

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