10 Things In Life That Are Seriously Overrated - Trust Us!

10 Things In Life That Are Seriously Overrated - Trust Us!
Movies, books, TV shows, magazines, and websites all contribute to our perception of life and how it ‘should’ be lived. But we at POPxo hate to sugarcoat things for you – we bet you know this already! So whether you like it or not, we are going to the unchartered territory of talking about things that are totally overrated in life. #SorryNotSorry

1. Being cool

OMG! Enough with trying to fit in and be ‘cool’ all the time! If you’re wishing to become something, you’d rather wish you were happier, nicer, kinder, more intelligent, more generous. The world needs more of those qualities and less of an entire bunch of people trying to be ‘cool’.

1  things that are totally overrated in life

2. Having fancy Saturday night plans

The older you grow, the lesser patience you have for crowds and for dressing up. For smoky rooms, for overpriced alcohol, and meaningless small talk. Take it from us; a quiet weekend at home will be a luxury to you at some point in the future. Enjoy it while you have it. Fancy Saturday night plans are so overrated!

3. Squad goals!

We blame Taylor Swift for this one. As tempting as it looks to have an entire bunch of gorgeous women in your posse, it says nothing of the quality of friendships you have. All you need in life is one or two close friends who are your ‘ride or die’ and you are totally sorted – trust us!

3 things that are totally overrated in life

4. Brand bandwagon

We promise nothing in the world will go wrong if you don’t sip on a Starbucks coffee while carrying your Michael Kors bag, take selfies on your iphone and shop at Sephora. In fact, we are willing to bet our lives on it.

5. Having a big fat Indian wedding!

Having a big Indian wedding has become such a trend that girls want to get married for the sole purpose of putting it up on social media. We think it’s our turn to remind you to calm down, and take a long hard look at your priorities. You have to spend the rest of your life with the man you choose, so you need to look beyond the 3 day festivities. Besides, you may not want to be getting married at all...which is totally okay too! You do you; absolutely no pressure.

5  things that are totally overrated in life

6. Loving social media

Maybe you are a reserved person. Maybe you’re someone who can’t be bothered to Instagram their food when it arrives at the table. Maybe you are technologically challenged. It totally doesn’t matter! You don’t have to love social media just because everyone around you does. Perhaps you’ve got skills none of the others do – like being a great conversationalist, for instance.

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7. TV show mania

It’s totally okay if you don’t watch Game of Thrones, or you didn’t catch Breaking Bad, or you haven’t subscribed to Netflix. It’s REAAAALLLLYYY okay; no matter what the fandom leads you to believe.

7  things that are totally overrated in life

8. Travel plans

Before you judge us, hear us out. By all means you should travel. We totally understand (and agree) that nothing feeds our souls like travel does. But the following three things will ensure that travel isn’t an overrated experience: A) Travel within your means. Your wanderlust shouldn’t leave you in debt so early in your life. You can also travel later when you’re older and have something called savings. B) Travel to various destinations. Do your research; budget; backpack. Don’t get influenced by peer pressure and go to the same places all your friends have been. C) Travel within India. We live in a beautiful country which is waiting to offer us all types of experiences.

9. Healthy fad food

Long before cold pressed juices and gluten-free-everything came along, and quinoa replaced our morning poha, the world still existed. So just get over these fads and learn to be healthy irrespective!

9  things that are totally overrated in life

10. Keeping up with makeup trends.

The wings of our liners almost never match and yet...*insert dramatic sigh here*...life seems pretty darn fine!

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