Dear Fiance, Can We *Please* Be Like This After The Wedding? | POPxo
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Dear Fiance, Can We *Please* Be Like This After The Wedding?

Dear Fiance, Can We *Please* Be Like This After The Wedding?

Dear Fiance, It’s such an amazing feeling to know that we’ve both found our happily ever after and I just can’t wait to begin this new chapter of life with you. I know the journey will be all kinds of wonderful but in the first year of starting this new life I’ll need all your love and support. So just pay some *extra* attention to all that I want from you in the first year of marriage.
Love, Wifey-to-be <3

1.  Love is all I want

You know just how much I’ll miss my ma and pa and marriage itself is such a huge lifestyle change. I know you’ll love me forever but the first year, I want tons and tons of it! things i want from our first year of marriage

2. Let’s have some fun!

I want to go out for romantic dinners, watch movies, learn to dance, I want to do so much - with you! Let’s make our first year full of fun, romance and adventure.

3. Help me with the family

I am alien to how things work in your house and I would need your help. I need time to ease into a new routine and get used to all the new faces I will be living with. Take my hand and promise to make it a smooth ride. things i want from our first year of marriage

4. I love Sunday mornings!

And it’s going to be so wonderful to wake up next to you. Now let’s not let this feeling go to waste. A long, lazy breakfast in bed is what I’ve dreamt of forever...

5. Vacation calling!

I know we’ve just had our honeymoon, but I’d really appreciate a quick getaway now and then. Spending some quality time alone with you will always be on the top of my wish list! things i want from our first year of marriage

6. Make me feel special

Well, you need to do that all your life but for the first year I want everything to be super special! My birthday, our anniversary, the festivals, all of it! ;)

7. Family bonding

It’s extremely important we both try our best to bond with each of our families. Let’s not ignore them in all the romance of the first year. Some extra time with our families is a nice thing, don’t you think?! things i want from our first year of marriage

8. Let’s build our own equation

Last but not the least, I want us to build this beautiful relationship of husband and wife. Let’s accept each other's shortcomings and bend our ways if need be. Let’s work together to make married life as beautiful as can be. :)
And just know that I’ll always love you loads :* GIFs: Giphy,Tumblr  HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 10 Adorable Ways He Supports You In The First Year Of Marriage! MUST-READ: First Year Of Marriage: 7 Challenges & How To Deal With Them!
Published on May 9, 2016
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