7 Things Guys *Never* Get About Our Relationship With Our Bras!

7 Things Guys *Never* Get About Our Relationship With Our Bras!
Let's face it, girls; the relationship we share with our bras can be compared to the relationship we have with our bestest frenemy!! You get this, we get this, but for some reason the boys just don't! Read on to see some of the things guys just find plain confusing about our bosom buddies!

1. How we constantly refer to our bras as "Uncomfy boob jail" vs seeing a gorgeous one in the mall and exclaiming, "omg it's so pretty - must have it!!"

2. Somehow we literally NEED to wear a bra when it comes to leaving the house, but can't survive even a minute longer with it on once we get home!!

things guys do not understand about bras

3. On one hand, even we just don't understand why it even exists #freethenipple!! But on the other hand it's like, "oh so useful I can put my money in here - hello hands free purse"!!

4. Let's be honest, the best part about my whole life is taking my bra off - but we're warning you boys - if the lights are on and we're on top during sex: it stays on!

things guys do not understand about bras

5. Cost of the most unbelievably gorgeous bra we've ever seen; Rs. 475. Cost of convertible see through straps to make sure it can't be seen; Rs. 600.

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6. The fact that we can lend this little beauty out amongst besties - no it's not the same as lending out underwear.

things guys do not understand about bras

7. When that one bra finally goes and snaps and it seems like tragedy has hit the entire planet. How boys respond - "but you hate that thing anyway?!!!"

They will just never understand!

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