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A Few Things We Kinda Want To Thank The Men In Our Lives For!

Sneha Manandhar


Women often complain about how hard they have it in life. Well, we complain because really, we do feel like everything is tougher for us than it is for men. Men live a life that is so unrestrained in comparison to the lives we live - or do they? Maybe they don’t show it or maybe they naturally know how to hide their feelings better than us - but men go through a lot too. It’s high time we acknowledge that men have their own set of problems. Here are a few things we are really thankful for, to the men in our lives!

1. For making us believe that not all men are bad men

Thank you for making us believe that love does exist. Thanks for believing in our dreams, no matter how absurd they were. Thank you for not objectifying us. And most importantly, thank you for teaching us how to trust men and believe that there are still good men out there.

2. For being every bit like us sometimes

We know you love to gossip too, we know you grooved to the Spice girls and we also know that sometimes you really love a margarita! Thanks for being like us, for being easy to talk to, for being easy to relate to. We know it must be hard to put up a masculine front all the time, but really, you shouldn’t have to!

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3. For being effortlessly funny

Seriously guys, how do you do it? Where does the sense of humour come from? How is it just an innate quality in you? How do you manage to be funny while not blurting out rather insensitive things? Thank you for always keeping us laughing even if you’ve had the longest day.

4. For making us feel like Goddesses in bed

We love how you look at us, caress us and make us feel like we are the only ones you would ever want to lay with. It’s both adorable and rather steamy - the way you put in so much effort in bed.

Thank you to men 4

5. For introducing us to great music

Let’s face it ladies, most of the good stuff we know about music comes from the men in our lives. Dear men, we never forget a thing, we still remember when you introduced us to you favourite band. Good job, you!

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6. For putting in effort

We know how lazy you guys are, we know you don’t care about what you look like and that a “shorts and t-shirt combo” is your favorite thing to wear. But then, you put in effort and wear pants and a shirt and style your hair. You sometimes change the toilet paper roll. You cover us with a blanket at night. We notice these tiny things and these things matter most to us. Gratitude, Sir!

thank you to men 6

7. For giving gender equality a chance

Of course “gender equality” is still a dream and the world has a long way to go with more than half the male population still against the whole idea of feminism. But here’s a genuine thank you to the guys out there who are fighting our battle for equality with us.

8. For teaching us how to “chill”

It’s just us, we sometimes get worked up over petty issues. We panic, we fret, we cry. In times like these, you guys teach us how to relax and just focus on the positive. You have your own set of worries, yet you stay so calm.

thank you to men 8

9. For being open to understanding the menstrual cycle

We are rather jealous that you don’t have to go through this every month, but then again we are so happy that we don’t have to hide awkward boners (tee-hee). But it’s nice to know that you want to know what happens to our bodies and that you want to help in any way you can.

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Published on May 28, 2016
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