Dear Crush, 9 Times I Was *Actually* Trying To Flirt With You! | POPxo
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Dear Crush, 9 Times I Was *Actually* Trying To Flirt With You!

Dear Crush, 9 Times I Was *Actually* Trying To Flirt With You!

It was a perfectly normal day and everything was going smooth. You were acing your schedule and feeling awesome and strong and independent… And then suddenly this cute guy decides to walk into the room and give you a racing pulse, a jaw drop, and a heart which suddenly fancied skipping a few beats at a time! Been there, done that! So dear crush(es), let us tell you these 9 times we tried to hit on you, which you may or may not have noticed!

1. I laughed so hard at your jokes…

… That people thought the hyena from The Lion King had possessed me! How else would you explain someone going “Bahahahahahah” at just about everything you said? girls try to hit on their crush 1

2. When you wore that shirt you looked super hot in…

… I wanted to say “You look sexy”, only it came out as “You look swaggy”. Didn’t make sense and I made a fool out of myself. Bravo! girls try to hit on their crush 2

3. That time when I “couldn’t” find my phone...

... I asked you to dial my number from your phone. Just so you know, you really didn’t have to point out that it was in my pocket! I was just trying to get your number without embarrassing myself. *blush* girls try to hit on their crush 3

4. When I sent you a kiss and a heart smiley on Whatsapp by “mistake”...

…  You know, these things happen! *Angel Face* *Sheepish Smile* girls try to hit on their crush 4

5. On your birthday, the only reason I had coke spilled all over my pretty white dress…

... Was because my girlfriends literally airlifted me out of my closet and flung me at you to say “Happy Birthday” - which by the way, I had rehearsed 50000 times in 10000 different ways.
girls try to hit on their crush 5

6. Okay, so I took a selfie…

... It turned out to be cute and sexy in the perfect ratio, so I instagrammed it - and oops! “Accidently” tagged you! *wink* girls try to hit on their crush 6

7. The day you asked me to come for a movie with the rest of your friends…

... I bought a new dress for that! I was pretty broke after, but you sat next to me - so totally worth it! girls try to hit on their crush 7

8. When you went and changed your whole look by combing your hair to the side…

…  Just so you know, while the others were calling you “champu”, I was totally WOWED by you. But you might have guessed that by the way I was looking at you and smiling. #NotCreepy girls try to hit on their crush 8

9. And nope! I wasn’t in the same mall, in the same shop, in the same section as you “by chance”...

… Do you really think I would want to genuinely buy video games when I can’t even drive my real life car in a sane manner?!
girls try to hit on their crush 9 GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: How To Flirt With Your Crush – 12 Things That Actually Work! MUST-READ: 8 Flirty Texts To Send Your Crush (Without Being Too Obvious!)
Published on May 18, 2016
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