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Did You Know There’s A *Right* Time Of Day To Go Shoe Shopping?

Did You Know There’s A *Right* Time Of Day To Go Shoe Shopping?
Say you’re headed to the mall to buy a pair of shoes. You stumble across a pretty pair that instantly makes you gasp and you just know that’s the one. You buy that fabulous pair and can’t wait to wear it...but when you finally do, it just doesn’t seem to fit you as perfectly as it did when you tried it at the store. So onwards you go with your numerous “how to break into your new shoes” hacks and tackle nasty shoe bites. We’ve all been there. Why do think this happens?

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Turns out, there is a specific time of day that you should keep in mind while buying shoes, especially tight pumps or stilettos that don’t give your feet too much freedom to relax. The right time to buy shoes is evening or late afternoon. Here’s why! When we wake up the morning, our feet and legs are comparatively narrower since the horizontal position of our bodies when we sleep distributes the blood flow evenly through our body. But during the course of the day, our legs and especially our feet tend to swell up. Whether we are walking or sitting, our feet always expand a little bit later in the day. By evening, the swelling is at maximum level.

Ergo, it is always advisable that we buy shoes later in the afternoon as that is normally what the average size of our feet is going to be.This will not only make your feet happy, but also save you some awkward shoe-bite walking and dancing when you have that party to attend!

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