Is This The CUTEST Fashion Trend? (Hint: Pom-Poms!)

Is This The CUTEST Fashion Trend? (Hint: Pom-Poms!)
The name itself lightens up our mood. They’re playful, quirky, come in the prettiest colours - and are just delightfully adorable! We’re talking about the latest trend that has brought back the fun into fashion - the pom-pom trend! Ever since Fendi came up the cutest bags that our favourite girl Cara Delevingne seems to absolutely love, these little baubles have been taking the fashion industry by storm.

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High street retailers and our favourite brands leave no stone unturned when it comes to catching up with the latest fashion rage and quickly delivering it to us. Pom-poms are now everywhere! Walk into any store and you’ll see them on breezy blouses, bags, shoes and even accessories...spreading joy - one bubble at a time.

1 pom-pom trend

Image: Cherry Jain. Check out her blog here!

Don’t have time to do your makeup right? No problem! Just throw on colourful pom-pom earrings and allow them to instantly light up your face. Worried about your outfit looking too blah and boring? Throw on a quirky pom-pom necklace. There is literally nothing these cuties can’t do for you.

2 pom-pom trend

Image: Garvita Garg. Check out her blog here!

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And they will also put an end to all your Indian wear woes. They blend flawlessly with all your ethnic outfits and add a dash of frolic - instantly dialing up the chic factor of your Indian outfits. They add a more youthful and whimsical vibe to a saree, your average kurta, name it!

3 pom-pom trend

Image: Charuta Arvind Yadav. Check out her blog here!

We can say that a pom-pom is the sartorial counterpart of balloons, chocolates, festivals and everything fun! Life is too short to be boring, so hop on the cheerful bandwagon and get the party started!

4 pom-pom trend

Image: Smriti Notani. Check out her blog here!

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