How To Choose The Perfect Saree For *Your* Figure!

How To Choose The Perfect Saree For *Your* Figure!
Who doesn’t love the nine-yard beauty? Those dreamy drapes, the beautiful detailing, the way it sits in our body and how it spells out grandeur in the truest form. Sarees compliment every girl, but picking out the right kind of saree for your body type is a sure shot way to dress like a winner. So read on to find out what is the ideal saree for you!

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The Right Saree Style for Your Body Type

1. For The Apple Shaped Beauties!

For the woman whose chest and tummy is broader compared to the hips and legs, we know you like to balance out your proportions. Go for silk and georgette sarees that have heavy embroidery on the top pallu area. Wear longer blouses that come down to the upper waist and always tie your sarees a bit higher. Stay away from net sarees if you don’t wish to show too much skin!

2. For The Pear Shaped Ladies!

2 saree for your body type

Image: Namrata Soni On Instagram

The lady who has a slightly broader lower body as compared to the upper body, the best way to highlight your assets is by wearing sarees in chiffons and georgettes that have elaborate borders, embroideries and prints on them. Sarees look gorgeous when you highlight your curves the right way, so choose fabrics that are not too stiff. Don’t opt for drapes that highlight your lower body like the mermaid cut. A Gujarati style seedha pallu will work well too, to balance the proportions out.

3. For The Inverted Triangle Figure!

Girls with this body type have comparatively broader shoulders and bust area and narrower waist and thighs. Sarees will work like magic for you. Choose blouses that are not too elaborate as they accentuate your upper body. Go for simpler blouses - you can wear silks and even net if you want show off your fab waist. Pin your saree up neatly on the shoulder and make sure the pallu does not spill from the shoulder edges.

4. For The Athletic/ Ruler Framed Femme!

4 Saree for your body type

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For the girl who has a straight, athletic figure, draping sarees the right way can dramatically enhance your curves. Stay away from solid colours since they will make you look leaner. Instead, choose crepes and satin sarees in interesting prints or surface embroidery, as they stick well to the body and create gathers and drapes that look amazing and also enhance your curves. Don’t be afraid to wear sarees with heavy borders and prints - you can totally pull it off!

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5. For The Girl Who Is Petite!

Sarees with thin borders work the best for your figure. You are can opt for medium prints and heavy embroidery so that you can show off your curves. Go for bare-back blouses that show a little more skin and give you an illusion of height. You can choose any fabric and go all out on the detailing - anything plain will make you look tinier.

6. For The Hourglass Shaped Princess!

6 Saree for your body type

Images: Sabyasachi Mukherjee On Instagram, Sabyasachi Mukherjee On Instagram

For the girl who is blessed with proportionate bust and hips and has a slimmer waist, sarees are your best friend. Choose any fabric that highlights your waist, but in dark colours so that the rest of curves are a bit muted. You can work with chiffons, georgette or silks, and make sure the drapes around the bodice are not too elaborate.

7. For The Girl With A Fuller Figure!

Avoid stiff fabrics like cotton and organza and stay away from big broad prints. Stick to chiffons that have tiny motifs all over and more linear prints. Go for deeper necklines like the sweetheart neckline or a V-neck on the blouse and opt for fuller-sleeved blouses. Any fabric that drapes well on the body is better.

Sarees are gorgeous and they make every woman look twice as beautiful. Thus, choose your saree wisely to make the most of this lovely garment!

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