8 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re The Eldest Daughter-In-Law!

8 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re The Eldest Daughter-In-Law!
The arrival of the eldest bahu is one of the most anticipated in any family. It’s as if your entire in-law khaandaan is waiting to meet you. As you take your first few steps as the new bahu, here are a few things you’ll totally get if you are the eldest daughter-in-law in your family.

1. You get treated like a celebrity.

People are just so happy to meet you. The joy of attending the first shaadi of the generation directly translates to excitement at meeting the first bahu of the family.

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2. You’re the new best friend of all your dewars and nanads.

Get ready for all the family and personal gossip.

3. Suddenly you’re in adult mode.

Just because you’re the eldest, and that comes with responsibilities!  

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4. You have a lot of say in family decisions.

The badi bahu tag commands a lot of respect!

4 eldest daughter in law

5. This is new for both your in-laws and you.

You’re figuring out how this saas-sasur and bahu business really works. The advantage? You can make up your own rules!

6. Your new family wants to fulfill all their long-cherished desires with you.

They’ve been eagerly waiting for a daughter-in-law so that they can pamper her, do things with her, go out with her, buy things for her - the list is endless. It’s quite adorable, let’s admit it.

7. The youngsters come to you for advice.

You’re now a responsible adult (according to them!) so all the younger ones ask you for advice or to mediate with their parents for them.

7 eldest daughter in law

8. You need to learn who everyone is - quickly!

All the relatives want to come and meet you, and all of them want you to remember them!

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