5 Beauty Treatments You MUST Get For That Natural Bridal Glow!

5 Beauty Treatments You MUST Get For That Natural Bridal Glow!
You’re going to be photographed from every angle possible on your wedding day. Your normal routine of facials and clean-ups aren’t enough to cut it for the most important day of your life! So, we’ve compiled a list of treatments that take care of every part of your body - from head to toe - to ensure that you look your gorgeous best on your wedding day!

1. For Your Hair

Body Treatments for your wedding

Experimenting with your hair one week before the wedding is a BAD idea. Visit your hairdresser at least two months in advance to figure out how you want to style it for the wedding. For hair that is rough and unmanageable, invest in deep conditioning treatments and hair spas.

The Cysteine treatment, which lasts 10 to 12 weeks, is all the rage these days as it relaxes hair, gets rids of frizz and makes it look smooth without damaging it. If, however, you’ve left the planning for too late and/or don’t want to experiment with permanent hair treatments, don’t fret! You can always get hair extensions even two weeks before the wedding. They give you beautiful locks that are easy to maintain and can be styled any way you want.

2. For Your Teeth

If there is one professional beauty treatment that you should definitely invest in, it’s teeth whitening. You’re going to be smiling for the camera (and for all your friends and relatives) and you don’t want your teeth to look yellow and discoloured. The professional quality cameras that your photographer is going to use can actually make your teeth look yellower! Over-the-counter whitening strips are okay when you can afford to mess up because you have time to recover, but unless you want Ross’s scary teeth on your wedding day, opt for a professional treatment. Most people prefer the bleaching treatment wherein the dentist applies hydrogen peroxide on the teeth and activates it under intense light. This easy procedure takes less than one hour and will give you pearly whites for the big day! Get it done at least three weeks before the wedding.

3. For Your Face

Body Treatments for your wedding

Your face is going to be the centre of attention and it’s very important that it glows. The kind of treatment that it needs depends on the kind skin you have. But no matter what kind of skin you have, be very sure that you don’t experiment with new treatments just before the big day (you don’t want your skin to break out!). Start seeing a dermatologist at least six months before the wedding to figure out what kind of treatments you should go for. Here are some common skin problems and the treatments you can try for them:
  • Facial Hair: A lot of women have facial hair that can make them feel self-conscious, especially when it is on the cheeks, chin and upper lip. If you think bleaching doesn’t quite cut it, opt for laser hair removal for cleaner skin. Begin the treatments six to seven months before the wedding since they typically take anything between five to six sessions.

  • Acne: Adult acne is harder to get rid of than teenage acne, so don’t try to self-medicate your pimples away. LED light treatments work well to remove existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

  • Blackheads and Uneven Skin Tone: Your beautician can take care of blackheads and pigmentation with intensive facials one to two months before the wedding. Do not go in for any facials in the ten days leading up to the wedding.

Besides all of this, consult your dermatologist for treatments that suit you best and will help your skin look better than ever, and drink lots of water as well.

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 4. For Your Body

Do you want to expose some skin on your big day but don’t feel confident enough? Microdermabrasion is the answer to your problems. This chemical peel will remove superficial skin and dead skin cells and open clogged pores, polishing your skin and making it softer. The mildly abrasive aluminium oxide crystals used in the treatment will take care of sun damage, discolouration, scars and stretch marks. Like with everything else, this treatment should also be done at least four months before the D-day and will require a few sessions. So go ahead with this dermatological treatment and wear that backless choli without any fear!

5. For Your Feet

Body Treatments for your wedding

For rough feet and callused heels, a callus removal treatment is the way to go before you indulge in a luxurious pedicure. If you have calluses on your feet but don’t want to go the extent of a microdermabrasion on it, ask your beautician about callus removal treatment options. You can even treat it with over-the-counter callus removal creams.

And since you’ll be running around and preparing for the wedding, there’s a high likelihood that your feet will get tanned, so don’t forget to invest in some de-tanning treatments and scrub your feet regularly!

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