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9 Things You Didn’t Know That Could Be Messing With Your Period

9 Things You Didn’t Know That Could Be Messing With Your Period
Have you ever missed a period or noticed that sometimes it is shorter/ longer or lighter/ heavier than usual? Don’t worry, it’s probably because so many little things in daily life can influence our flow. Did you know each period you have is different? And if you’ve noticed some changes, it could be because of these surprising everyday things that mess with our cycles. Pay attention to these changes so you can take charge of your menstrual health.

1. Other People’s Cycles

It’s no myth, your period is actually influenced by other girls’ cycles. Your co-workers, besties, roommates – you often get your period at the same time due to pheromones, which could affect the type of period you get every month. This is why your cycles sync up when you spend a lot of time together.

things that can affect your period

2. Going Overboard With Exercise

Have you suddenly amped up your exercise routine? Too much of anything can be bad too, you know. Overdoing the exercise schedule can be a serious stressor for your body, which can affect your cycle. Plus, your body needs a certain amount of body fat to ovulate, so losing too much weight too quickly can be detrimental for your menstrual health.

3. Sleeping Beauty Gone Missing

Have you been sleeping a lot less? Maybe pulling too many all-nighters studying, working a night shift, staying up too late too often or suddenly having an irregular sleep pattern? These can also be a big factor behind irregularities in your period.

things that can affect your period

4. Medication And Infections

Prescriptions meds as well as simple over-the-counter medicines can affect your period. Bacterial infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and STDs can cause your uterus to become inflamed and bleed in between your regular periods.

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5. Just Stop Stressing

Stress is the number 1 thing that can mess with your cycle. Stress about exams, work, relationships – they all can contribute to changes in your period. When you’re stressed, the body shuts down the production of hormones needed to ovulate. So make it a point to keep calm and just stay awesome.

things that can affect your period

6. Blame The Booze

Too many happy hours with your besties can also have an affect. Binge drinking frequently can cause an imbalance and change your hormonal cycle.

7. What Are You Eating?

A changing diet can seriously affect your period. Are you eating too much or too little suddenly? Are you crash dieting? If you haven’t been eating your best or are trying out a new diet it, could lead to irregular periods.

things that can affect your period

8. Travel Bug

If you’ve had a change in routine, gone on vacation or travelled across time zones, then it’s pretty normal to notice changes in your period. Your body just needs time to adjust to the changes and catch up.

9. Are You… Smoky?

Apparently, women who smoke experience much worse PMS than women who don’t, especially if you started at a young age. Smoking can alter your hormonal levels, which causes shorter or irregular menstrual cycles.


things that can affect your period

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