7 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Condoms!

7 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Condoms!
Condoms have been around longer than you and I have, so it’s only natural that we don’t know everything there is to know about them. These 7 things about condoms will totally take you by surprise and educate you some more on this important invention made by mankind!

1. Women can wear condoms too!

Yes, you heard us right. There are female condoms available in the market that can be worn by a woman during vaginal and anal penetration. You can buy one here and keep yourself safe from sexually transmitted diseases.

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2. Condoms go through an electric test to ensure there are no tears or holes in them!

Yup, every single one of those condoms is placed over an object shaped like a penis that passes electric currents through them to detect any fault they may have. They do have a major responsibility to fulfil, after all.

3. An estimated 5 billion condoms are sold in the world every year, and women drive 40% of these sales!

That’s just good news. Being prepared never hurt anybody, right?

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4. Allergic to those latex condoms? Try these alternatives!

Some of us are allergic to natural rubber latex and may develop rashes or itching “down there”, if our partners were to use latex condoms. In such cases, one should opt for condoms made out of polyisoprene/ polyurethane instead - they don’t just help prevent allergies but also feel more comfortable than their latex counterparts.

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5. Men can actually get condoms fitted or shaped to their needs.

‘Coz when it comes to condoms, one size does not fit all. It can be quite risky actually to forcefully push into one that ain’t your size, ‘coz a size too big may slip off, while a size too small may get ripped while wearing. Ask your guy to try these shaped ones!

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6. Putting on two condoms at once will only increase your chances of getting pregnant!

Yes, what else do you expect? Two condoms rubbing against one another causes friction that increases chances of them tearing letting sperm pass through. Bad move, people.

7. And there are still many people out there who do not know how to put a condom on the right way...

Most unexpected pregnancies could be avoided if only the packet was opened carefully or the condom was worn the right way! To think that all this while, we had been questioning the poor condom’s 98% efficiency! Don’t worry, here’s how you can put one on correctly.

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