How To Wear That Glamorous Pants-Style Saree - It’s THIS Easy!

How To Wear That Glamorous Pants-Style Saree - It’s THIS Easy!
Saree is one thing that every Indian girl wears at least once in her lifetime. Maybe at your college farewell or at your cousin’s wedding or at a family function or if none of that, than at least at one of  your own wedding functions. Needless to say we all want to look flawless and stylish while we don our favorite piece of Indian wear. So how about spicing up the conventional look a little? Team POPxo is here to help you experiment a little with your saree look and wear it pant style!

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What all will you need:

1. A pair of fitted pants or jeggings

2. A blouse or a crop top

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How to do it? (It is quite easy to be honest)

1. Take one end of your saree and start making pleats according to the requirement.

2. Pin-up the pleats carefully with a safety pin and tuck the pleats inside your pants in the center.

3. Take the other end of the saree and drape it around your body by placing the end on your left shoulder.

4. After you have placed the remaining saree on your shoulder, make pleats and pin it up on the shoulder of your blouse.

Tadaa! You are good to go.

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