struggles of having long hair in summer

15 Long Hair Struggles In The Summer That Are So Damn REAL!

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

We already know that long hair comes with its own share of problems - like constantly getting stuck under your handbag strap or dipping into your plate of food! But come summer and humidity, your hair’s crises level skyrockets. Here are a few struggles of having long hair in the summer that you’ll totally relate to.

1.  Tying Your Hair Up For Fear Of Combusting In The Heat!

But then having to live with that annoying ponytail dent in your hair.

2. When You Do Leave It Down…

It’s so hot, you may as well be wearing a sweater and a fuzzy scarf in the middle of May!

 2 struggles of having long hair in summer

3. And That Sweat!

Your neck is drenched in sweat and your hair keeps sticking to it. You also feel a clammy, sweaty layer all over your scalp. Can someone say yucks?!

4. One Word – Humidity!

Your hair WILL be three times bigger than what it was when you left the house. #TrueStory

point 4 struggles of having long hair in summer

5. You Can’t Step Out Without A Product

Frizz-control serums, leave-in conditioners – you’ve tried it all to humidity-proof your mane!

6. Blow-drying Is A Whole Other Story

Blasting hot air on your scalp when the temperature is over 35 degrees outside? You may as well hop back into the shower when you’re done!

6 struggles of having long hair in summer

7. And After All That Effort...

Your roots turn into a greasy affair in a day!

BannerPink 500px

8. Every Time You Push Your Sunglasses On Top Of Your Head…

You mainly do it to act as a cool hair band, but it always get tangled and stuck in there!

 8 struggles of having long hair in summer

9. When You Want To Go For A Swim…

But it’s such a task because stuffing all your hair into a tight swimming cap is so difficult!

10. Plus It Takes Forever To Dry After!

Seriously, what’s the point of the swimming cap if it can’t keep your hair dry?!

 10 struggles of having long hair in summer

11. When You Lose Your Hair-Tie On A Hot Day...

You’re willing to give your lunch away to any girl who’s kind enough to lend you one!

12. Your Hair Has Been Tied & Re-tied So Many Times By The End Of A Day!

Ponytails, messy buns, pile-it-all on top knots - it changes by the hour!

12 struggles of having long hair in summer

13. When Someone Puts The Windows Down In The Car...

Your hair is flying all over the place and not just into your mouth, but also into the mouth of the person sitting next to you!

14. You’re Constantly Considering Chopping It All Off...

You’re hot and annoyed with it all the time!

14 struggles of having long hair in summer

15.  But Then You Click The Perfect Long-Hair-In-Sunlight Selfie...

And fall in love with your long hair all over again!

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Published on May 25, 2016
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