7 “Underarm” Problems You Only Face In Summer & Their Fixes!

7 “Underarm” Problems You Only Face In Summer & Their Fixes!

Have you ever sadly put your glamorous, strappy summer dress away because your underarms were too dark, too sweaty or had too much hair? Summers may be a lot of fun for us, but not for our underarms! We list out seven common underarm problems and their solutions so, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, without any problems!

1. Body Odour

The most persistent problem during summers is embarrassing body odour that constant sweating leads to. Since our underarms have a very high concentration of sweat glands, body odour due to sweating is a problem that especially affects the underarm area. Fix It: By not skipping showers (very important) and using a deodorant that is not just scented fog but also has anti-bacterial properties.

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2. Pit Stubble  

2 Underarm problems You wanted to wear your favourite sleeveless dress and decided to shave your underarms, but now you have poky hair that you can’t wax! The problem of irritating pit stubble is unfortunately all too common, especially during summers when we don’t want to cover it up with long sleeves. Fix It: By wearing half-sleeved clothes till it grows long enough for you to wax it. Rica wax works well on short hair, so you can try that instead of normal wax. If, however, you absolutely must, you can shave it too. But make sure you use a good razor and shave carefully to avoid our next problem - ingrown hair! Also read: #SilkySmooth: How To Get The BEST Results When Shaving!

3. Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair usually occurs after shaving or waxing, when hair remains embedded in the skin or curls up inside the hair follicle, causing irritating red bumps. The problem with ingrown hair is that they tend to become infected very quickly. They can also be painful when they occur on your underarms because of the constant chafing of your skin. Fix It: Well, honestly, prevention is better than cure here. Prevent ingrown hair by shaving in the direction that the hair is growing, exfoliating your underarms and always moisturizing after your shave/ wax. If you do end up with infected ingrown hair, however, you should treat it with an antiseptic cream.

4. Sweat Stains

4 Underarm problems Have you ever ruined your favourite white top with yellow sweat stains? Because we know we have in these hot and humid summers. Sweaty armpits not only cause body odour, but they also lead to annoying sweat stains. Besides, the dampness can get uncomfortable after some time. Fix It: By using talcum powder and an antiperspirant on your underarms to control the amount of sweat that is produced. You should also bathe twice a day to wash off sweat, and dry your underarms properly before putting on clothes. If your problem is very severe, you can wear underarm pads to soak up the sweat and prevent stains and odour. For already existing sweat stains, soak your shirt in a mixture of vinegar and water and wash with a paste of hydrogen peroxide, soda and salt.

5. Dark Underarms

Dark underarms can keep you from wearing those strappy dresses and tube tops that have spent the winters languishing in your closet. Fix It: By using a lightening paste every night made of lemon, turmeric and coconut oil. Alternatively, use a cream like this one by Kaya (Rs. 792).

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6. Armpit Boils

6 Underarm problems Armpit boils become more common during hot weather when sweating and the frequency of hair removal increases. They can cause severe discomfort and pain if they become infected and pus-filled. Fix It: By using medically formulated creams that treat the boils before they become infected. Also read: 7 Beauty Tips For Smooth Underarms (And No Dark Patches!)

7. Rashes

Heat rashes in the armpits are common during our scorching hot summers, when sweat production increases. They are also known as prickly heat rashes and appear as tiny red bumps on the skin. The constant chafing of skin only exacerbates this problem. Fix It:  By wearing loose cotton clothes. Avoid synthetic fabrics that increase friction and stick to fabrics that absorb sweat. Use an especially formulated, over-the-counter talcum that treats prickly heat rash. You can also treat it by mixing oatmeal powder in your bath water! Images: Shutterstock