7 Sneaky Tricks For When You’re Stuck With A Haircut You Hate!

7 Sneaky Tricks For When You’re Stuck With A Haircut You Hate!
Ladies, what’s chopped is gone – and we’re talking about your mane. A haircut every now and then is healthy for those tresses, but most of us have experienced the horror of a bad haircut at some point in life. Don’t panic just yet. Thankfully, there are hacks that can save you from the nightmare of a bad haircut till your hair grows out and you’re back with a bang! Read on…

1. Hello, Blowdry!

hacks when you hate your haircut

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As much as we’re told not to use heat appliances on our hair on a regular basis – now is the time they come to your rescue. Blowing out your hair (opt for the cool setting to avoid too much heat) or straightening it will make you feel better about your look on a daily basis.

2. Research Helps

Make sure you search the Internet for tutorials for various hairdos that would go with the length and style of your hair now. Trust us, you’ll find several that are so easy to perfect. Following those step by step is easy and you can experiment as much as you like; and who knows - you might just begin to like your new look! Check out our awesome hairstyle ideas for medium length here.

3. Bring On The Bobby Pins

hacks when you hate your haircut

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Tucking your hair with as many bobby pins you need may help you manage your new hair better. Be it a half updo or just a side parting made more prominent and neat by pinning it up – if you have these babies in your handbag, you can salvage any bad hair look on the go. You can even use bobby pins in different colours to dress up your hair like Shraddha.

4. Expectations From Extensions

There’s nothing you can’t do with your hair if you have some hair extensions to clip on. They could be of the colour and length of your choice and tacking them on can give your more hair to play around with. No one will ever know! In fact, most Bollywood beauties have extensions in to make their hair look extra glam. They’re very easy to clip in and clip off in a few seconds.  

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5. Here Come The Hairbands

hacks when you hate your haircut

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Now is when you’re going to need them the most. Splurge on some fancy embellished ones and in as many colours as possible because this is a sureshot way to remove focus from the haircut you aren’t too happy about.

6. Mane-ly A Bun

This is by far the easiest and the most successful look when your haircut isn’t to your liking - or when your hair is dirty or if it’s just a bad hair day. Pile that hair right on top of your head, pin up the loose pieces of hair, and say hello to the fashionista within you. It can be sleek like a ballerina, or messy for a laid-back vibe.  

7. Rescue Operations

hacks when you hate your haircut

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If your go-to hair stylist failed you, it could help to go to another highly-recommended-by-people-you-trust one who can try and fix it for you, or suggest ways to do up your mane on a day-to-day basis. Remember: it’s just hair, it'll grow back in no time.

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