8 Simple Ways To Make Your Face Glow - All Day Long!

8 Simple Ways To Make Your Face Glow - All Day Long!
You don’t have to splurge on countless products for a fresh, radiant complexion. Believe it or not, but there are some simple, no-fail ways to make your skin glow in minutes. Read on to get glowing skin all day long. Hello, gorgeous!

1. Stick To A Family Of Products

If you use a cleanser from a particular brand, you should stick to a moisturizer and toner from the same line and brand. Sometimes, mixing brands means the products don’t interact well together - don’t confuse your skin. Just avoid products that have drying, harsh ingredients like fragrances and colours. Also, remember to exfoliate often, then follow it up with your cleanser.

2. A Quickie Workout

2 make your skin glow

We’ve told you that exercising is one of the best ways to get that coveted glow, but not all of us can make it to the gym every day, right? Don’t worry. Simply dancing around your room for a good few minutes or jumping with a skipping rope in the morning as fast as you can will boost your complexion for the rest of the day. Plus, it’ll help get you out of a lazy stupor and take on the day better.

3. Skip The Long, Steamy Shower

Hot showers feel amazing, we know, but they strip the skin of moisture and natural oils, leaving it dull and dry. Instead, a shorter shower with cool water will help wake up your skin, making it appear brighter and fresher.

4. Slather On Olive Oil

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A couple of drops of olive oil on your face every evening will make a world of a difference. It contains monounsaturated fat, which will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Feel free to use it on your body too for super supple skin, especially on dry elbows and knees. The best part is, it doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue.

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5. You Are What You Eat

Girls, there’s just no way around it: eating healthy is a must because what you put in does reflect on the outside. Cut out processed junk food and opt for fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and anything rich in proteins and vitamins. Add Omega-3 to your diet; fish like salmon is a great source of it, as well as walnuts and olive oil. And, of course, we don’t have to tell you twice about downing plenty of H2O.

6. Incorporate Essential Oils

6 make your skin glow

Facial oils have become a skincare cult worldwide for a reason - they will leave you with smoother, radiant skin and provide uber hydration. Here are all the reasons why your skin needs one for that beautiful glow. Try Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil (Rs 460).

7. DIY Masks

There are plenty of magical ingredients you can find in your kitchen to make amazing face masks for brighter, glowy skin instantly. Honey and lemon, tomato pulp, turmeric, multani mitti, besan and milk are some awesome things to apply often for about 10 to 15 minutes for noticeable results.

8. Fake It Until You Make It!

8 make your skin glow

Ladies, a highlighter is an essential part of your makeup routine to help light up your face in a jiffy. Apply it in the center of your forehead and chin, along your cheek and brow bones and down the bridge of your nose to look extra radiant. Another pro makeup trick is to mix a luminizing cream with your foundation or BB cream to help your skin look healthier and radiant instantly. We love the MAC Strobe Cream (Rs 1,500) for this awesome trick.

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