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Two Pretty Braided Buns You Can Make In A Jiffy!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

We all want to style our hair and make them look pretty right? This simple hair tutorial will guide you on how to get the most beautiful braided buns. Watch this video now and sport some gorgeous braided updos!

What You Will Need : Hairpins

Difficulty LeveL: Easier Than The Messy Bun

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1. Double French Braided Updo

Step 1: Start making a french braid from the front left side. Make a 3 strand braid and add sections from the right side as it goes.

Step 2: Continue with the french braid 4-5 times and then continue with the normal braid till the bottom. Repeat the same steps for the other section of your hair.

Step 3: Once both the braids are ready. Take the remaining hair and form a bun. Pin both the braids to the opposite direction around the bun. Secure with hair pins.

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2. Side Fishtail Bun

Step 1: Section your hair into two halves. Take a strand of hair from the edge and put it over the opposite section. Repeat the same steps to complete the braid. Pin it up halfway.

Step 2: Take the front section of your hair and pin it up at the back. Repeat the same by taking the opposite front section and pin up at the back.

Step 3: Once done, take all your hair to the side and make a braid. Form a bun to complete the look. Secure with hair pins.

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Published on May 13, 2016
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