How To Have Amazing Sex When You’re On Top - 8 Simple Tips!

How To Have Amazing Sex When You’re On Top - 8 Simple Tips!
Ladies, flip over from missionary and bring some spice to the bedroom. Girl on top puts you in control of the momentum and your own pleasure and it’s sexy as hell. Plus, chances are, you’ll have an earth-shattering orgasm - and it drives your guy wild too! But if you feel shy, awkward or are just unsure, we’re here to help you lose those inhibitions. Read on for some amazing tips to have amazing sex when you’re on top. You sex goddess, you! ;-)

1. Get Into Position

Your man will find it sexy when you take charge and climb on top of him. Simply roll on top and sit up with your knees on either side of his hips. Place one hand on his chest for support as you get into the right position for penetration.

1 sex tips for being on top

2. Find Your Rhythm

Now start moving. You can simply move up and down on top of him or rock your body back and forth or move your hips in a circular motion. Experiment to see what works for you best or try a combination of it all. You can adjust the pace from super fast to slow and sensual, depending on the mood. Adjust your position too - from leaning forward to arching your back, the sensation of him inside you as well as the outer body contact as the angles change will definitely enhance your pleasure.

3. Don’t Go Too Fast

It may feel exciting to bounce up and down really fast, but that’s just going to tire you out too soon. It’s not a race. It’s important that you both are in sync; the right rhythm and motion can make sex incredible.

3 sex tips for being on top

4. It Really Is Tiring

You’re not lying down like with missionary here, you’re using thigh and calf muscles to pound and grind on him. You’re probably going to start sweating as well. Rest your hands on his chest or sides to take the pressure off your legs every now and then to help you enjoy the position better for longer.

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5. Get Him To Help

You’re in control, but he doesn’t have to just lie back and enjoy the ride. He can take over every now and then when your legs feel sore. He can place his hands on your hips and gently push you forward and backward while you catch your breath and still feel that intense pleasure.

5 sex tips for being on top

6. Make Eye Contact

It’s not a staring contest, but some sexy eye contact every now and then intensifies the erotic connection.

7. Double Up The Pleasure

Being on top also opens your body to so much exploration like no other position. He has way more access to stroke your boobs, your butt and more. That extra stimulation will totally drive you off the edge. Try it to believe it!

7 sex tips for being on top

8. You Don’t Need To Feel Shy!

A lot of women let their fears come in the way of enjoying one of the best positions aimed at their pleasure. If you’re worried about your body being so unabashedly on display you should stop fretting, your guy won’t even notice your so-called flaws. You being naked on top of him is only going to fuel his passion. But if it makes you feel better, have him sit up in front of you instead of lying down so you’re at kissing-level and he won’t be staring up at your body. Wait till you’ve been together for a while and when you’re more comfortable about being naked with him if you like. Just remember, you’re sexy as hell. Be confident, the rest will come naturally!

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