11 Signs You’re A Grown-Up Even If You Don’t Feel Like One! | POPxo
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11 Signs You’re A Grown-Up Even If You Don’t Feel Like One!

11 Signs You’re A Grown-Up Even If You Don’t Feel Like One!

This generation (that we’re a part of) has many telling signs. One of them being that most of us don’t feel like actual, real adults till we’re way into our late twenties. Which means it takes us more than two decades of human existence to fully come to terms with the fact that well, we have indeed grown up! Don’t believe me? Here are 11 signs you are a grownup too, even if you don’t feel like one.

1. Good ol’ days when you could eat whatever you wanted and not really feel the need to move even an inch? Yeah, well now your body complains!

You already have gas and muscle ache and all those “old people” problems. you are a grownup

2. Drinking it up with friends doesn’t feel like a great way to spend your entire weekend anymore.

You do have fun, yes, but the nagging feeling that you aren’t doing anything constructive with your life after these fun weekends, has become so much more persistent!

3. You don’t spend everything you earn on compulsive shopping…

You have started keeping a small bit aside, every month, for the future. But you probably won’t admit to your friends that you have started saving, ‘coz it feels like such a grown-up thing to do! you are a grownup

4. When you talk to people younger to you - in college, office or at home - you suddenly realise how far you’ve come.

You hear their lofty dreams and their little fears and you feel like telling them not to rush. You feel like reassuring them that things will fall into place, that they will find what they’re looking for - that it will all work out in the end, just like it did for you.

5. You really have started practising “quality over quantity”…

Both in terms of the company you keep and the wardrobe you own.
you are a grownup

6. You don’t think discipline and order are boring or “uncool”

Actually your definition of cool has drastically changed since college. You know schedules and planners and routines help in increasing productivity and really have no relation with the amount of fun you can have. It’s actually more fun to have fun when your world is not coming crashing down on you! BannerPink 500px

7. You don’t like taking money from your parents any longer

What you do like, however, is gifting them random stuff from your own savings, for no particular occasion. you are a grownup

8. Even in romantic relationships, you don’t feel the need to constantly be on the phone or meet your partner all the time

You’ve finally grasped the concept of space in a relationship, and what it means to be an individual and have a life when you’re in a relationship with another too.

9. You no longer depend on other people to pick and drop you, or remember your bank details!

You can now do that stuff on your own. #LikeABoss
you are a grownup

10. Social media is still a favourite pass time, but it’s definitely not your life!

No new pictures, status updates or check-ins = no life? Yeah, well you can’t bother yourself over these petty things any longer.

11. When you take your younger siblings out, you feel responsible for them...

And look after them, without needing anyone to tell you to do so and also without feeling like it is a terrible burden. you are a grownup GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 10 Things That Make You Suspect You’re Not A Real Adult Yet! MUST-READ: 16 Things We Did As Babies That Should Be OKAY To Do As Adults!
Published on May 5, 2016
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