11 Signs You’re A Girl Who’ll NEVER Give Up When It Counts!

11 Signs You’re A Girl Who’ll NEVER Give Up When It Counts!
Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to make it - to stay strong at a moment of crisis and not let the pessimism get to you? Here are some signs to know if you are the kind of girl who can count on herself to never say never.

1. You laugh when you fall.

That moment where you look like a fool in public and are supposed to feel utter humiliation - but you are the one laughing the loudest at yourself. That ability not to take yourself so seriously is a skill that is not given enough credit.

girl who will never give up

2. You compete against yourself.

Petty politics and rivalries do not interest you. What keeps you going is being able to tell yourself that you have put in the best of your efforts. You believe in analyzing your performance yourself and aiming to better your best.

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3. You believe in the school of no regrets.

To know your own capabilities, you need to have tried your maximum. And the choices you have made throughout your life - whether they led to good or bad results - you don't regret a single one. Because true winners know that there is something to learn from everything.

girl who will never give up

4. You are ready for change.

Yes, you make a lot of plans. But you respect how circumstances evolve and change. So you leave enough room for flexibility and that means, at any given point, you are ready to reassess your plans without missing a beat.

5. "No half-assing" is your motto.

When you take on something - whether it is planning a holiday or cooking a family meal or acing that monthly target, you don't believe in half-hearted attempts. It's all in or stop playing.

girl who will never give up

6. You know your priorities.

Whether it's personal or professional, you have your priorities set in your mind - and when push comes to shove, you have the discipline to focus on what's most important.

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7. You don't accept someone else's word for things being impossible.

If someone tells you something cannot be done, you don't just blindly accept it. You go out of your way to take on the challenge - and sometimes your perseverance means the impossible actually becomes possible.

girl who will never give up

8. You take your responsibilities seriously.

Whether it is spending 15 minutes mentoring a junior colleague, helping your boss prepare her presentation or going for a movie date with your friends, you try to keep your own word.

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9. You are up for an adventure on the road or a quiet night indoors...

...and have equal fun doing both. That's because you are comfortable in your own skin and believe in making the most of any situation.

girl who will never give up

10. Being brave does not mean you are not shit scared.

Not giving up requires a lot of courage - and you are smart enough to know that being courageous doesn't mean not being afraid. Rather, it means being scared as hell, gritting your teeth and doing what you are supposed to do.

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11. You know when to vent and when to pick yourself up.

Not giving up means there will be several stumbling blocks and lots of failures to brush aside. And as a normal albeit committed and strong human being, there are times when you want to scream with rage and frustration. So you give yourself time to vent and possibly have some ice cream or chocolate, and then you pick yourself off from the floor and start afresh.

girl who will never give up

And that's when you know you can count on yourself to never give up when it counts...