Sunday Shorts: 3 Girls Talk About Their Magical First Kiss!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Girls Talk About Their Magical First Kiss!

1. A Beautiful Journey With A Stranger!

We met in another country and decided to take a short trip as co-travellers. He was just a stranger then, someone I had known for only a week - but we’d still found time to talk about almost everything. At the onset of our journey together, I was a bit nervous - I was going to be travelling with a stranger after all! I had never done such a thing before. But he made me feel like he was someone I had known forever. In just a few days, I felt the kind of comfort with him where I could just lay my head on his shoulder, and be. It happened so naturally. On our last day, just when I was getting off the bus, he held my hand and pulled me closer to himself - then, he kissed me passionately. I was so surprised, I just stood there staring at him for a few seconds - until I saw him break into a smile. I knew then, that he was no stranger anymore - and I kissed him back.

First kiss 1

2. The Time Traveller

“Kiss me”, he said.

She laughed it off. She always laughed it off. They had been best friends for years and she knew just when to laugh it off.

“Kiss me”, he said again. This time looking directly into her eyes.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because, I need to know if what I feel is real” he said and leaned in to kiss his best friend for the first time.

“I’ve always wanted to do that. I knew it would work.”

“You did?” she asked.

“Didn’t you?”

“I knew the first time I met you” she said, and smiled her happiest smile yet.

First kiss 2

3. Never Been Kissed

Our bodies were pressed against each other’s - his arms around my waist and his face leaning in…

I gave him a peck on the cheek and pulled away just slightly, like every other time.

“You know I really love you, right? And I really just want to kiss you!” he said. “Is there something wrong? Am I doing something wrong?” he asked with such concern in his eyes.  

“No, you’re doing nothing wrong. I really love you too. I just… I just don’t know how to” I said.

Oh, how shy and embarrassed I was to admit to my boyfriend of three months that I had never been kissed before.

He smiled and said, “Well it won’t matter after this…” and he leaned in and kissed me. He was right, it didn’t matter after that. Nothing did.

First kiss 3

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