10 Struggles You’ll ONLY Get If You Are A Short Girl!

10 Struggles You’ll ONLY Get If You Are A Short Girl!
From dodging creepy spiderwebs to never having to worry about cramped legroom - being short sure has it’s endless perks. On the downside, there are also countless everyday struggles all short girls have to go through. If you’ve ever had to climb up a step stool, you know what we’re talking about! Here are 10 battles all short girls have to fight everyday and win!

1. You always have to get your pants altered.

Buying trousers and trying them on can be an absolute nightmare at times - because you have to imagine how the pants would actually look without all the extra folds at the bottom. -_-

2. Taking a group photo needs serious calculations.

Whenever you take group photos, you strategically arrange your friend’s poses and positions...so you don’t look obviously short in front of them. Your friends are probably used to that by now and that’s why you love them!

2  short girl struggles

3. Hugs. More like FaceBoobs!

Yup. Hugging can be pretty awkward when your head constantly comes at someone’s boob height.

4. Going jogging with taller peeps...

You always have to run faster to catch up with your friends. Because, tiny legs.

4 short girl problems

5. Cooking = Climbing

Cooking can turn into a spontaneous calisthenics session because of all that reaching and climbing...and reaching.

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6. You are forever being called “cute”

Even when you’re wearing that fabulous black dress and you know you look pretty hot.

6 short girl struggles

7. People think you’re still a kid...

Just because you’re short, people think you’re still a kid and you just don’t get it.  

8. Whoever made the swimming pool wasn’t thinking about you.


8 short girl struggles

9. All your younger siblings are taller than you!

And your friend’s younger siblings too. Basically everyone!

10. Two words - Step stool

Step stools are your BFFs for life! Heck, you have one in every room and you know you’d carry it around everywhere if you could.

10 short girl struggles

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