Fab Lingerie Options That Don’t Show Under Thin Summer Clothes!

Fab Lingerie Options That Don’t Show Under Thin Summer Clothes!
Your summer clothes are designed to make you feel cool and comfortable in the scorching hot weather. Most of them are made out of thin fabric with no added layers. Isn’t wearing the right kind of lingerie imperative when the clothes are so thin and breezy? Something that is inconspicuous yet comfortable. Here are some amazing options for you to choose from - perfect for the weather!

1. A Nude Panty

1 seamless lingerie

Your lingerie drawer is not complete until you have a nude panty. It works well with lowers that are a bit see-through. This one is a great choice, especially because it’s seamless. No visible lines and those lacy details. Looks so luxurious and feels even better.

Price: Rs 895. Buy it here.

2. A Strapless Bra

2 seamless lingerie

We also cannot do without a nice fitted strapless bra that goes well with all our spaghetti tops and off-shoulder dresses. This one is a full cup with a wide bridge in the middle to keep the bra in place. Choose a white, black or nude, or all three. You surely need them!

Tip: Go for a strapless bra that is a size smaller so that it doesn’t slip down if you’re wearing it for a longer duration.

Price: Rs 995. Buy it here.

3.  A Shaping Tank Top

3 seamless lingerie

What about all those tops under which you have to wear a tank top or a camisole? This tank top is all you need when you’re wearing something that is super fitted. It’s seamless and at the same time gives a flattering shape to your upper body. And is so comfy too!

Price: Rs 1,199.Buy it here.

4. The Invisible Back!

4 seamless lingerie

You want to show off your back but not necessarily your bra band. So here is the perfect solution. Wear this with backless dresses and look flawless from top to bottom. Now, we don’t mind getting one of these, do we?

Price: Rs 875. Buy it here.

5. The Shape Controlling High Brief!

5 seamless lingerie

This is your go-to lingerie when you’re wearing a dress that shows off the outline of your waist. Wearing this shaping brief will create the perfect curves and contour the body beautifully! And to top it all, no one will ever know!

Price: Rs 649. Buy it here.

6. A T-shirt Bra!

6 seamless lingerie

A summer essential. A cotton t-shirt bra will fit perfectly under all your cotton t-shirts and shirts. Forget your worries about anything being visible. This outlines the breasts really well and makes it look more perky and rounded! Must get a few of these!

Price: Rs 795. Buy it here.

7. A Thong!

7 seamless lingerie

Thongs might be uncomfortable at times, but they do solve the purpose successfully. This gorgeous thong right here looks like a star in itself. The silver, the metallic mesh, the flawless fit. Talk about making your underwear a dreamy affair!

Price: Rs 495. Buy it here.

8. Shapewear For The Waist And Thighs!

8 seamless lingerie

For all those bodycon dresses you need this piece. The shapewear that outlines the main areas around the waist, hips and thighs will re-define your curves and make you look immaculate. Get this in nude and show off that hot body!

Price: Rs 995. Buy it here.
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