7 Reasons So Many Girls Are Secretly Attracted To “Bad Boys”!

7 Reasons So Many Girls Are Secretly Attracted To “Bad Boys”!
Ask a woman what she looks for in a partner, and she would define a nice guy for you -  someone with the ability to understand her, care for her and love her. And yet, secretly and often unconsciously, women fall for a guy who is just the complete opposite. Why, you ask? Here are 8 reasons that may explain our irresistible attraction towards bad boys!

1. We want what we cannot have!

“Bad boys” don’t always reciprocate to our charms and often don’t let on that they’re really available either, which suddenly makes them so desirable. It is quite twisted, we know. But what can we say - such is human nature!

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2. They’re unpredictable and keep us on the edge

The thing with bad boys is, you never really know what their next move will be. And this unpredictability spices everything up and just makes even little acts so much more exciting!

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3. We want to be the only woman they turn good for!

Part maternal instincts to “save” another, and part desire to go down history as the only one who could make said bad boy turn good!

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4. Bad boys seem to be the perfect escape for good girls!

So many of us are brought up to be the perfectly well behaved, good girls who never step out of line. After a while of being restrained like that, when we meet a free and wild spirit in the guise of a bad boy, we can’t help but feel attracted to him - only because he’d give us an outlet to be slightly badass too!

5. People who are reckless and impulsive, attract the opposite sex more than others.

Yes, research has shown that people who are bold and reckless and do what their heart desires, attract the opposite sex more than “regular” people do.

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6. There are a lot of bad boys out there! :P

So women can accidentally fall for one! It’s not that there is a dearth of nice guys, but a lot of boys are “bad boys” deep down! So it’s really not that hard to fall for one of them, huh ladies?

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7. Women sometimes mistake nice guys for weak guys...

Nice guys are willing to open up to their women, be vulnerable in front of them, agree to the things they say and get moulded according to their girls’ likes and dislikes. And while all this is great, some women begin to think of it as the guy being weak. The typical bad boy on the other hand just kind of does what he wants and carries on being just the way he is - and this for a lot of women keeps the excitement intact!

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