11 AWESOME Things About Having A Punjabi Mom!

11 AWESOME Things About Having A Punjabi Mom!
We all dearly love our moms, don't we? After all she puts up with all our nonsense, takes care of us, laughs and jokes with us and of course, gives the most amazing hugs! What’s not to love? But if God decided that you be born in a Punjabi household, you might want to add a few more things to the afore mentioned things - because well, you have a Punjabi mom!

1. Normal people get slaps...punjabi kids get chittars.

A toe out of line and a chittar is received at 200 kilometers per hour!

have a punjabi mom

2. What fruit and corn flakes? Have aaloo paratha for breakfast!

And believe us, you don’t want to insult the parantha and the lassi!

3. Your “Viah” is always on her mind!

And she will leave no opportunity to remind you of that!

have a punjabi mom

4. Your clothes might not fit anymore, but you’re still losing too much weight according to her!

That’s probably why it’s so easy for you to stay in shape. Round is a shape! :P

5. Her death stare is enough to remind you of every single thing you have forgotten to do!

And you will suddenly discover the cheetah in you! God speed!

have a punjabi mom

6. Rain means chai and pakoda! Yum!

Awww, she is such a sweetheart for going through all that trouble. 

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7. She is as proud as can be every time you achieve anything at all.

If you so much as get a "well done" from your college or school or office, she makes sure that everyone knows! She is super-proud of you and you can’t blame her for boasting a little. ;)

have a punjabi mom

8. Blackmail is the mail that she uses!

The world might be confused about the inventor of email, but there ain't no confusion about who invented blackmail. It was the Punjabi moms! And the extent to which they are emotional - who do you think invented all the emojis of the world?

9. She doesn't really care for subtleness...

Any joke she is telling must be heard by everyone from the ground floor to the 7th floor! But her jokes are hilarious, so whatever!

have a punjabi mom

10. If it’s cold outside, she will make you wear every sweater you own!

She doesn’t want you to initiate a sneezing tournament inside the house - she doesn’t care if you look like a football goalie in all those sweaters!

11. She is the sweetest, cutest, and the most badass woman that you could ever know!

You cannot so much as find a sock without her, and you know that well enough.

have a punjabi mom

So go give her a tight squeeze! She is probably going to think you have gone crazy, but do it anyway. ;)

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