Dear Future Husband, 13 Vows I Make To You Even Before We Meet!

Dear Future Husband, 13 Vows I Make To You Even Before We Meet!
Dear Future Husband,

We may not have met yet (or maybe we have!), but I already have a few promises I’d like to make to you. These promises are what will help ensure that we build a happy, peaceful, fulfilling and positive life together. So, here are few vows I would like to make to you!



1. I vow to not say “nothing” when there is actually something wrong!

Because saying “nothing” and then being passive aggressive never helped anyone!

2. I vow to at least try and not get angry when you forget to call me back.

Because I know that you’re probably genuinely busy or caught up. Or you just have a really bad memory!

promises to my future husband

3. I vow never to compare…

Our relationship or you - to anyone, ever. Because what we share will be one in a million.

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4. I vow to always share my food with you!

And to always steal fries off your plate! :P

promises to my future husband

5. I vow never to let either of us go to bed angry.

Because losing sleep over something we can resolve in a minute is just not worth it.

6. I vow not to say “I forgive you” if I haven’t completely let it go.

Because if I lie about letting something go, it will come up again in an even uglier form!

promises to my future husband

7. I vow not to ruin a perfectly happy time by getting jealous.

Because deep down I will always know that you are true to me and our relationship.

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8. I vow to never expect you to make all the effort…

Because marriage is definitely not a one way street!

promises to my future husband

9. I vow not to let others influence my decisions about our relationship.

Because what is between us, no one else will ever truly understand.

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10. I vow to accept you just the way you are.

Because you, with all your flaws and faults, are perfect in my eyes.

promises to my future husband

11. I vow not to look at the word “compromise” as a negative one.

Because giving up little things for the ones you love shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing. Just as long as I want to give them up!

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12. I vow to encourage you to live your dreams and life to the fullest!

And I promise to stand by you no matter how long it takes you to achieve your goals.

promises to my future husband

13. I vow to love you, over and above everything else...

Unconditionally and forever!

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