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How To Make Your Shorts Look Stylish? Team POPxo's Top Tips

How To Make Your Shorts Look Stylish? Team POPxo's Top Tips
We know we can’t thank the fashion world enough for giving us shorts. They’re our favourite summer staple for a reason - they are super comfortable, they keep the heat at bay and they always look cool. Thought the only way to wear shorts was to wear with flats and a tee? Think again. Here is the POPxo Team showing you some cool ways you can wear shorts and not look casual.

1. Wear it with a chic jacket

different ways to style shorts

Gopika EM, Social Media Manager

Team up your shorts with a stylish jacket and a delicate satchel - and you won’t even be in the same zipcode as casual! Gopika shows us how to work those shorts for a look that is slightly formal yet has an element of playfulness...all in the right proportions!

2. Wear it with statement pumps and a blazer

different ways to style shorts

Komal Pandey, Video Coordinator

Another way to look like a trendsetter whilst wearing your favourite pair of shorts is to simply throw on a structured blazer and statement heels that are bound to break a few hearts. We have none other than our in-house fashionista Komal showing us how to get this right and come out a total winner...just like she did!

3. Go the Bermuda way

different ways to style shorts

Kritika Rathi, Senior Fashion Writer

Just because they are called shorts does not necessarily mean they have to be super short. There are different kinds of shorts you can rock at your leisure. For instance, the Bermuda shorts! These shorts are slightly longer and end right above your knee. They are comfortable and they are always in vogue if you know how to style them right. Take cue from Kritika who sports Bermuda shorts to office and looks so suave!

4. Wear it with a sleeveless blazer and a shirt

different ways to style shorts

Apurva Lama, Fashion Editor

If you have a boyfriend blazer or any oversized blazer, just throw it on top of your shirt and shorts combo. A structured third piece will add a hint of sophistication and make your ensemble a lot less casual. Make sure the colours of your shorts and your outer piece fall on the same colour range so it looks neater.

BannerPink 500px

5. Wear it with a short kurti

different ways to style shorts

Shivani Shrivastava, Editorial Coordinator

Yes, trust your favourite kurti to always be the number one solution to ALL of your style dilemmas. Wear a cute short kurti on top of your short and slip on to a pair of comfortable flats like Shivani has done. The perfect way to beat the heat this summer and look fab at the same time!

6. Do the skort

different ways to style shorts

Cherry Jain, Video Coordinator

The trendiest member of the shorts family, the skort is all you need if you want to elevate your style game and stay comfy. It might look like a skirt, but it’s actually shorts! Don these cute numbers and we guarantee you’ll make a style statement anywhere you go. Take inspiration for your next outfit from Cherry who wears her asymmetric skort with a cropped top and brogues.

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