"Sex Isn't Inappropriate" - This Video Has The Perfect Message! | POPxo
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"Sex Isn't Inappropriate" - This Video Has The Perfect Message!

"Sex Isn't Inappropriate" - This Video Has The Perfect Message!

From the very first time we hear the word, in a hushed whisper or a in secret conversation, everything about sex is always treated as “inappropriate” and not suitable for casual conversation. There are so many colloquial synonyms too - just so that people don't have to even utter the word. But why? Is sex so horrible a thing that we worry it might have a negative impact on our surroundings? Or is ignorance bliss and not talking about sex will make it seem like it doesn't exist? Well, it does exist. And it's a part of our lives. And it's not ugly or inappropriate, unless you make it that. It's a natural process. Being informed about it and talking about it freely only goes on to ensure one's safety. Here's an impressive poem called "Sex Talk" by Delhi Slam Poetry about how parents and teachers should address the topic of sex - watch Sonal perform, and know that nothing about it is at all inappropriate.  
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Published on May 24, 2016
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