9 Things EVERY Girl Says When She’s Bargaining!

9 Things EVERY Girl Says When She’s Bargaining!
Shopping is super awesome, but what adds to the thrill is bargaining! Girls have an innate knack for bargaining. Of course we are not going to buy that dress at the price the shopkeeper quoted! Duh! So here are 9 phrases every girl uses while bargaining.

1. “Arre bhaiya theek theek lagao na”

And by “theek theek” we mean we will pay no more than 50% of the price he quoted *flutter eyes*

phrases girls use while bargaining

2.  “Acha itne ka lagao, main aur bhi loongi”

Let’s face it, you ain’t buying more than one!

3. “Bhaiya kal toh 100 Rupees ka tha!”

He knows and you know…that this is your first time to the shop!
phrases girls use while bargaining

4. “Meri friend ne bataya tha… Isliye main toh seedha aap ke paas aa gayi bhaiya ji”

And then he gives you his most fake smile/laugh while you are thinking of whose name you’re going to take JUST in case he asks you, “who?"

5. “Bhaiya please, saath ki shop me isse sasta hai”

Didn’t you just say you came STRAIGHT to him? Whoops!!

phrases girls use while bargaining

6. “Main hamesha aap se hi toh leti hoon… Thoda kam kardo” *angelic smile*

The ultimate punchline!

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7. “Bhaiya hum toh regular customer hai, hume thoda discount toh do!”

By the end of it, you will still pay the amount you want to pay and just run away with what you wanted to buy. This ain’t ending any other way!

phrases girls use while bargaining

8. “Itne ka dena hai toh do, warna rehne do”

And now you are just trying to blackmail him while visibly drooling over that dress - he can see it too!

9. “Chaliye rehne dijiye”

And then you strut out confidently...while slyly looking over your shoulder, just in case he says “Acha theek hai madam le jao

phrases girls use while bargaining

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