5 Disastrous Things That Happen When I Oil My Hair!

5 Disastrous Things That Happen When I Oil My Hair!
Oiling your hair is a blanket solution for almost all your hair problems - at least that’s what our moms and grandmoms say! While the hair-oiling tradition goes way back and is known to have many advantages, it can also be a HUGE pain in the butt. I oil my hair on a regular basis and face the following problems! Do you too?

1. House Arrest? Err!

The very idea of having to keep oil on for more than an hour causes so much agony. Imagine staying under house arrest on a bright Sunday morning till it's time to wash it, after all, who wants to step out looking greasy. We have been conditioned into believing since our childhood that we reap maximum benefits from our hair oil only when we let it stay it on longer and hence end up losing half of our day. Nothing causes more pain than seeing yourself waste a holiday! *sigh*


2. Oh No!...Oily Me

Considering my borderline OCD, I hate the small traces of oil that stay on my forehead after a night of heavy oiling. Thanks to all the tossing and turning at night, my face seems super greasy in the morning, because of which my skin turns oily and let's not forget the surprise pimple breakouts at times because of excessive oiling. Noooooo!

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3. Oil Stains On My Pillow!

The mornings post my late night oiling sessions, I am constantly reminded of the blunder of not covering my hair with a towel the previous night. This stains my pillowcase never to leave it. The trauma of spoiling my favourite bedsheet makes me scream at myself, literally!

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4. Not Being Able To Rinse It All At Once!

Sometimes, even after washing and drying my hair multiple times, I have a sticky, weighed down mane. That's because I never know the right amount of shampoo required to wash off the oil. "Just the right" amount. More? A little more? To get rid of all the greasiness but still not make it dry. We all face this problem, don’t we?

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5. Greasy Summers!

Summers are around the corner and the scorching heat makes it super stressful. On top of that, the gross greasy feeling of the oil makes it all the more uncomfortable. Imagine sitting at home in the peak of summer with oil in your hair!! Eww! 

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