#MyStory: Why I’m Totally OKAY With Being Single At 25!

#MyStory: Why I’m Totally OKAY With Being Single At 25!
As a 25-year-old Indian girl, I am currently surrounded by friends who are at the various stages of entering the world of marriage. I recently attended the Roka ceremony of my best friend, while another bestie of mine is busy preparing for her wedding, which is happening in a couple of months. Astha, the chatterbox of our group is thinking about  taking the next big step in her relationship because her parents are insisting it is time for her to settle down. Also, two of my friends from college want me to meet their fiances.  

And then there is yours truly… as single as the lone leaf in O Henry's The Last Leaf. And being single at 25 means you will constantly have to face the same question from many people - Why are you still single? I usually keep quiet and just give a coy smile which makes people think that I am actually dating someone but have not told my family about it. But what I really want to do is ask them, “Why not?”

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It’s not that I am single by choice, I would love to have someone special in my life. Someone with whom I can be myself and say exactly what's on my mind. Someone with whom I can party as well as be comfortable lazing around eating breakfast at 1 PM, in our pajamas.

But, right now there is no such “someone” so what can I do? There were few interesting and intelligent men whom I really liked and would have loved to be in a relationship but things didn’t work out… And that doesn’t mean no relationship of mine is going to work out in the future.

And why does me being single is a the only thing that people see about me? There is more to me than that; I am a bibliophile who can dance to a song such as Tan tana tan tan tan tara as easily as I can sway to How deep is your love.  I can make a mean Gajar ka halwa and talk about a football match and the trends from the latest Fashion Week in the same breath. So, despite of having all these qualities I am perceived as someone who isn’t good enough just because I am SINGLE!

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I just want to tell all the single girls, who are going through what I am, in life that it okay  to be single. It is okay if you are more focused in your career; it is okay if you have not found the love of your life till now and it is also okay if your boyfriend of several years broke up because he wasn't ready for a commitment. Being single is the best way to understand yourself and what you want in life. Remember, there is nothing wrong with you. Your personality defines you… not your relationship status. Don’t let people who say otherwise dim your sparkle!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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