#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Truly Won My Trust...

#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Truly Won My Trust...
I was organising a surprise birthday party for my best friend at my house. My friends insisted that I call my boyfriend as well. They were very fond of Akash and so despite not being too keen on it personally, I invited him to the party.

My last relationship and the terrible breakup I had to go through, had left me a little insecure about relationships. I loved Akash but I had issues with physical intimacy. We had been in a relationship for a while but hadn’t even kissed. Akash knew the reason behind my inhibition and had always been very understanding about it.   

The surprise birthday party was a huge hit and we all had a great time. I was wearing a white dress and while dancing I bumped into a girl and her drink spilled all over my dress. So, I rushed to my room to change. Since it was already after midnight, I thought I would change into shorts and a tee.

Thinking that everyone was busy partying I didn’t lock the door, big mistake. I took off my dress and had just put on my shorts when someone opened my room’s door. I froze then and there; I was wearing nothing waist above.

It was Akash, he had seen me rushing to my room so he had followed me to make sure that everything was okay with me. I turned my back towards him and he was about to leave when some of my friends pushed him inside and locked the door from outside.

I couldn’t find my tee so I rushed to the other side of the bed and sat next to it wrapping my arms around my knees, to cover my upper body. Akash continued banging the door and shouting at my friends to let him out.

internal changed me as a person

He turned around and saw me crouching near the farther edge of the bed and understood why I was hiding. He started walking towards me with a smile.I just couldn’t figure out what he was about to do, my heart was beating so fast and bad memories from my past flashed before my eyes. I was sure something bad was going to happen. Suddenly, I regretted inviting him to the party.

He started moving towards me. That’s it, I thought, what I always feared was going to happen. I closed my eyes and was shivering, I could sense that he was coming closer to me. I still had my eyes closed when I felt something on my shoulder.

I opened my eyes and saw Akash had covered me with a towel. I looked at him and he whispered, “You don't have to be scared, nothing is going to happen without your wish. I love you and you can trust me.” After saying this,he kissed me on my forehead and without even waiting for my reply, he picked up my tee from the floor and kept it near me. He went to the door and told my friends to let him out.

This incident happened three years ago and that night completely changed the way I thought about him. He not only won my trust but also helped me get rid of my fear and insecurity with that sweet gesture. I realised that I was not being fair to him by not letting go of my past and mistrusting him, despite the fact that had supported and loved me unconditionally thus far.

I am totally in love with him and we are getting engaged soon. :)

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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