#MyStory: What I Did When My Boyfriend Tried To Blackmail Me...

#MyStory: What I Did When My Boyfriend Tried To Blackmail Me...
I was in a relationship with Nikhil for five years. We were friends first and I liked his caring nature. However, when we started dating he became a little more possessive about me. He started putting more restrictions on me than my parents had ever put.

Later, he moved to another city for work and things got a little better. While we were in a long-distance relationship, I had more freedom to hang out with my friends and do things I wanted to, without worrying about him.

I visited him once in awhile without letting my parents know. I would make some excuse such as I would be staying at my bestie's place for the weekend to study. But my parents found out about this and they got really mad at me. The thought of their daughter travelling to another city all by herself and lying to them about it, was more than enough to flip them out.

I didn’t want to create more trouble at home so decided to lay low for a while and told Nikhil that I would not be visiting him until the situation at home calmed down a little.

A month later, he asked me to visit him on Valentine’s Day. I told him that it would be impossible, given the situation at home. But he kept insisting and refused to listen to anything I said in order to explain myself.

Internal boyfriend blackmailed me

I was in love with him and didn’t want to make him sad, so somehow I gathered courage and asked my parents if they would let me go meet him. Of course my parents refused my request. “If meeting you is so important for him, then why can’t he come here?” asked my mother.

I said, “But he is working and getting a leave would be difficult for him.” This was actually what he had told me when I had suggested that maybe he should come visit me in my city this time.

My dad even called him and told him about their decision. After all this drama I decided to not go and told him that we can’t spend this Valentine’s Day together. I was shocked by the way he reacted to what I had said.

He said, “If you do not come here before Valentine’s Day and stay with me for a couple of days, I will upload all of our personal pictures on Facebook.” And the way he said this, I knew he was not joking. I was both scared and hurt; someone I loved and trusted so much was actually threatening me and for what? My boyfriend was blackmailing me for not being able to visit him on Valentine’s Day… I just couldn’t believe this.

I got my bestie to join the conference call while I was talking to Nikhil and she too got really scared after hearing what he said. So, I decided to go meet him.

When I reached there, he came to pick me up and behaved like a loving and adorable boyfriend. I was furious the moment I saw his face; I had lied to my parents and broken their trust for a guy who had stooped as low as blackmailing me, the one time things weren’t working out his way. The thought kept nagging me and I knew I had to stop this there and then.

I broke up with him at the airport itself, told him to his face, what a bully he was and that I didn’t want to be with a person like him. I took the next flight back home.

As expected, my parents are furious,and are looking for prospective guys for my marriage. But I am not sure if I can trust a guy anymore. This whole incident has scarred me for life.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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